Your Perspective on your Finances

By | February 13, 2013

This article is not meant to dump disgrace and make you feel shame but it does bring up an interesting aspect of human nature. People are creatures of habit and being accustomed to their surroundings. People also tend to compare themselves to others who have more than they do. These combinations tend to bring grief and unhappiness to many when all along there is so much to be thankful for. This is especially in the area of ones finances.

Everyone has a different financial situation. Some have worked their tail off to barely make enough to survive, others work not that much but due to their circumstances have profited in ways others can only dream about. But when you are in the place where greed kicks in, you are indeed in a dangerous place. I say this because greed is a very negative emotion to live with and it can never be quenched. Let me explain in this scenario.

Tom was a hard working man who worked for a plumber. He has steady work of at least 45 hours per week and sometimes overtime. He did not mind the work so he was ok with the number of hours he received. However Tom would often complain on how he could be making more money if he went up North to work on various projects. He would also constantly compare his earnings to those of people above him. He became very dissatisfied at how his work was just pretty much paying the bills and not much more. This was until he met a man named Steve with a disability. Steve was involved in a motorcycle accident years ago which left him in a wheel chair and due to the situation, there was no insurance to help him cover costs he now found himself with. He worked at a grocery store but found even paying the bills very difficult, he lived in a 1 bedroom apartment that was old and run down. Suddenly Tom realized how good he had it. Tom had been comparing himself to others with more, but when faced with others who had a hard time in life, it changed his attitude.

Perhaps this is very similar to how professional athletes act. While I like a good game of football, basketball or hockey it can be a little maddening when they complain and want their 4 million dollar salaries because they feel they are worth more than their current 3.5 million. We as fans can be sickened at this yet at the same time, perhaps people in 3rd world countries living in stark poverty would be sickened at our complaining. Example would be only making enough money to drive a car 10 years old and not a new one, why we have to work until we are 60 instead of 55, why we have to make our own dinners, or any other long list you can think of.

I guess what I am trying to convey is to be thankful for your situation no matter how bleak it may seem. Things can always be worse. Having a thankful mindset will also help you out in your daily life in achieving your goals. Being positive/thankful will bring you further than being negative and ungrateful, not to mention you will be nicer to hang out with.