What You Need To Invest In When You’re Moving House

By | February 20, 2017

Let’s face it: moving house can be the most stressful time in pretty much anyone’s life. Luckily, there are a few things you can to do make it marginally less terrible – here are some things that you should invest in to help you relax and get through moving day.

A Hotel

If you’re in the process of moving house, chances are you’ll spend a couple of nights in absolute hellish disarray. If you have kids – or even if you don’t have kids and you just don’t want to spend a few days sneezing from the dust – then why not invest in going to a hotel for a couple of nights? You can keep some of your clothes there in a state that means they won’t get dirty or accidentally packed, you can have breakfast and dinner without having to dodge around half packed boxes of plates, and you’ll be able to shower in a bathroom that isn’t mostly ripped out. Heaven!


It’s pretty much always a good idea to pay someone else to move house for you. Not only will it be a whole lot less stressful for you, but a mover will know exactly what they’re doing so they’re much less likely to accidentally smash your favourite vase than you area. Handing over such a monumental task to someone else will instantly make you feel at least five billion times less stressed out and exhausted.

Packing Materials

If you don’t want to invest in movers then it’s a good idea to get some excellent packing materials. Go for large boxes and don’t just rely on a few weeks’ worth of newspapers – get rolls and rolls of bubble wrap and paper to wrap your most treasured possessions in. You and your partner will never be able to move all your furniture in one day, so why not enlist a few friends to help? Remember that if you don’t provide pizza and beers throughout the day, you might just be shunned thereafter.

An Interior Designer

If you can’t decide what to do with your new home and you aren’t really all that interested in interiors then why not hire a designer? If you give them your specifications like your favourite colours, your budget and what exactly you want to use each room for, then they’ll come up with solutions that you could never have thought of in a million years. It’ll be a huge weight off your shoulders and you’ll also end up with a home that will be the envy of all your new neighbours.


Go on. You deserve it. On your first night in a brand new house, there really isn’t any chance that you’ll be cooking, and you definitely won’t feel like eating the sandwiches that you’ve kept in a coolbag all day that are starting to wilt and get a little curly at the edges. Instead it’s time to splash out on takeout – check out your local pizza places or get some Chinese food. After all, it’s very important to start getting to know your new neighbourhood in culinary terms!