What To Look For In A Domain Hosting Provider

By | September 8, 2016

If you would like to buy a domain for yourself or your home-based business, you have probably spent some time figuring out exactly what you want in terms of the name that you will use. Because of this, you will probably want to ensure that you find a hosting company that will make it easy for you to hang onto your new identity or brand.

Operation save your domain name:

It may seem surprising that hosting providers used to have a lot more people forget to renew their domain name and subsequently lose it. At the same time, some of the top providers worked on building different types of effective reminders so that the problem wouldn’t occur any longer. The net result is that companies like Network Solutions have a reminder system that will help jog the memory of all of their customers when it is time to renew your domain. That domain protection can make a difference as you approach the renewal deadline. Of course, the best way to find out the details of domain expiration is to actually call the hosting provider’s customer service and ask them when they actually expire your domain. In most cases, if your domain expires on a weekend, the provider will not expire your domain until the next weekday.

Buy what you need:

When you go to buy domain names, if you can find the domain name that you want available in the .com extension, it is a very good thing. .Com is the most popular domain type in the world. The next question that most providers ask you is whether or not you would like to add .org, .net. or any other extension using the same domain name. A strong provider will often offer a discounted price to buy 2 or more domain extensions at once in order to block your domain name from being purchased by other people. Godaddy is another company known for its domain name sales.

If you are not purchasing your domain name for a large company, however, you might find that it is not that important to protect your domain by buying all the major domain type extensions. You can probably provide enough protection by purchasing a couple. There will rarely be someone who tries to consciously overlap you. The other thing working in your favor is that most companies that do try and purchase domains with names that sound similar to another company actually do not put offensive material on their website, they stick to adding innocuous product information.

Don’t forget the physical network:

These days, with most companies shifting their application infrastructure into the cloud, there are going to be times when it makes sense for you to point your domain to another service or another provider so that they can incorporate whatever service that they are providing under the same domain canopy that your website operates under. For this reason, it is a good idea to check out the service reputation and the actual physical underpinnings of the network that your provider offers. A good provider will have an easy way to set your domain to do whatever you need it to.