Using Technology to Improve Your Small Business

By | May 3, 2013

As a small business owner, you may think you don’t have time to keep up on the latest technology. Think again. You can improve your communication, efficiency and productivity by investigating the software, electronics and online services available to keep your business humming. Invest a few hours to learn more about what is available, and you will find yourself providing much better service to your clients as well as learn better ways to get noticed among the competition.

Stay in the Game with Social Media

You may be sick of hearing “like us on Facebook” or “join the conversation”, but up to the minute communication through social media is a must have for most businesses. If you want people to find you and know what you are about, than creating an appealing persona online is a great, affordable option. Depending on your business you can even prepare home videos, or if budget or connections allow, videos of a more professional nature, to post on YouTube. From instructional videos to tours of your establishment, you can set yourself up as an expert in your field, or entice people to visit. You can also scope out some affordable online advertising options including blogger services, or if you’re feeling creative, create your own blog on Google to help show your flare for your area of expertise.

A Software for Everything

You will find investing in new software well worth it once you see how easy it can make running your business. You may be spending up a storm and not even realize it. Having a PO program will help you stay on top of your costs for items such as office supplies and even lunches for client meetings. Getting into the habit of making up a PO for everything you purchase on behalf of your company will start you off on the right foot and it will become part of the process when you take on some administrative help. You can also find invoicing programs, such as Quickbooks, that can also be interfaced with programs such as Client Manager. Investigating the best options for your company may take some time, but they will save you time in the long run. You can even find time saving software to keep you working as efficiently as possible. Investigate Google for a myriad of easy to use programs and services available online at no charge. You can even incorporate a business in Canada online.

Keep in Touch by Being in Touch

Familiarize yourself with services available online to keep you in touch with your clients. Skype is an excellent resource for teleconferencing and is easy for your clients to sign up if they aren’t already using it. Make sure you check your options and learn to align all of your communication from mobile phone to computer and your Blackberry or iPhone. Being in synch will keep you in constant contact with your clients and vendors and in turn make you one of their most dependable suppliers.


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