Traveling for Less

By | December 17, 2015


If you are like most Americans, you imagined retirement would be filled with cruises, the Bahamas, and maybe even a few trips to Las Vegas. Have you been struggling to make those dreams a reality?

Sometimes it takes getting a little creative to make our dreams come true. Turning to the internet, you can find tons of creative ways to make your travel plans come to fruition. A new service by Groupon is called Groupon Coupons. Using these coupons, you can find huge savings. This can come in the form of straight cash discounts, such as $150 off hotel bookings and 50% off beach hotel reservations. By checking the coupon pages regularly, you will be able to access different coupons that you can combine to create a dream trip for very cheap.

Groupon is partnering with hundreds of companies to offer thousands of great discounts. One of those partnerships that will enable your traveling dreams is with Orbitz. Orbitz gathers the best hotel, flight, and car rental deals on the net under one platform. You can find the cheapest deals and get the same tickets and reservations. It is certainly not always cheapest to buy directly from the company. The way these companies work is they leverage their size and buying power to bring you cheaper prices than you might achieve individually.

The best part about Orbitz is that every purchase gives you Orbitz bucks. These work just like rewards points with your credit cards. Orbitz bucks translate into real money saved. In no time, you will find your trip financed in great part by the Orbitz bucks you have earned.

By pairing both Orbitz and Groupon you will save a lot. Sure, you will need to do the trip planning yourself, but then you are really left with a double bonus. You save cash and have a customized trip.

If you are hoping to travel far and wide, or even just once, do yourself a favor and avoid the tour companies. By planning your own trip, you will likely save so much cash that you can afford a second one immediately after.