Tradestation: Benefits of the Tech Leader

By | February 22, 2018

Controlling your destiny in this world is something the everyone strives for. There is no honor is toiling for a distant corporation or emotionally unavailable management structure that takes your daily presence for granted. The way to add value to this world is to be able to find a way to make your own way and create your wealth. That is why day trading can be the ultimate path for strivers.

For day traders, the tools are very important. Whether you are learning your trade through a reliable day trading education site or actually trading on a live platform, you always want to go for quality. Tradestation is used by high frequency traders all over the world. It is not quite as well known as the big names like Ameritrade and Etrade, but it has features and pricing that day traders are big fans of.

The technology that Tradestation was built on was designed and erected by traders. So it is no surprise that many day traders rate it as one of the top brokers. The commissions structures are friendly for high frequency traders as well. Beyond the commotions the hotkey builders and market access are highly prized. Many other well-know brokers restrict a lot of markets do not allow forex or future trading, for example. There is pretty much no asset class that Tradestation trades are blocked from accessing.

Commissions are based on your individual trading style. If you are focused on stocks, you can go with a per-trade flat rate or a per-share rate. That allows you to switch based on what kind of trade you are making. The entire commission structure favors traders who trade more than others. The rates go down the more you trade and the higher the amount of shares. And the platform fee is gone, so you are just subject to commissions on actions you take.

The platform itself is so customizable that it can be a real boon to experience traders with years in the business and lots of screen time. The charting capabilities are off the chart and it offers scanners that can scour global markets quickly and efficiently. The backlog of historical trading data is valuable too, as it allows traders to dip into history in order to make informed calls on potential strategies.

Traders with a computer science background can use the proprietary coding language to build strategies and back test them before implementing them in a real way. If you are successful and you build an app or strategy with real value, you can sell the strategy on the TradingApp store and supplement what you make on the open markets.

Because the tech that undergirds the whole operation is top-notch and the customer service is great, novice traders can make some headway on Tradestation. But it is probably not the best place to start. You are best suited to working your game on a less complex trading platform, before joining the big boys.