Top tips for selling your mobile

By | March 19, 2013

Do you have an old mobile phone at home? No – are you sure? It is estimated that around 70 million old mobile phones are lurking at the bottom of drawers and in attics all around the UK.  That works out at more than three devices per household!

The majority of people are unaware of just how valuable their old mobiles are. Although it might seem like junk compared to brand new smartphone, these outdated devices can still be worth a few bob.

You might think that no one would be interested in buying an old mobile phone. Perhaps your friends and family wouldn’t want to part with their cash for an ancient model, but there are numerous schemes online that are more than willing to take it off your hands.

Selling your mobile phone is easier than you might think. You could receive up to £150 for it and you’ll be helping the environment at the same time, so what do you have to lose?  Mobile phones contain some toxic chemicals that can seep into the ground when they’re thrown into landfills, so by recycling them, you could be saving more than just a few pounds.

If you want to sell Nokia 6700 classic handsets or any other mobile, old or new, you’ll need to find out how much it’s worth first. The process is very simple, just end the make and model of your phone and the condition it’s in (don’t exaggerate, if it’s faulty, say so) to be given a value. Models can be worth £5, £15 or even £150!

You will then receive a freepost envelope to return your mobile or in some cases a courier will come to collect your parcel. Once the mobile has been received, you should receive the cash in your bank in just a couple of days.

Although most mobile phone recycling companies will ensure that no personal data remains on the phone, it is worth restoring factory settings and deleting everything on the phone for peace of mind. In most cases you will also need to send the charger with the phone – if you don’t, be prepared to receive a much lower quote.

Selling your old mobile is now easier than ever because so many people are upgrading their mobiles on a regular basis. However, the boom in the recycling industry means that there are also more scams too. To ensure that you do get the cash you want for selling your phone, always use a respected company such as Music Magpie.

Less well established companies or con artists will never send the money promised or make a new lower offer, claiming that the phone is in poor condition. If you are confident that your phone only had minor wear and tear, don’t be afraid to challenge the second quote.

If you’re concerned that the recycling company may claim they never received the item, you could always ask if they provide a free courier service with full insurance, so your old mobile phone can’t get ‘lost in the system’.

Samuel James is a consumer technology and personal finance blogger. She has plenty of experience with recycling mobile phone as she managed to sell her Nokia 6700 mobile phone for cash whilst working for a leading mobile phone recycler.