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Important Advice for Retirees

If I had to choose one reason why people are under-prepared for retirement financially, it would probably be misunderstanding. Not just misunderstanding what retirement is about, but how and why it is different. Most people hear the popularized advice of living on 80% of your pre-retirement income or the safe withdrawal rate of 4% and then tune out. They don’t think about the further implications about what retirement actually means.

Carnival of Retirement – 14th Edition

Welcome to the 14th edition of the Carnival of Retirement. This week there were a lot of great articles that featured the benefits of a Roth IRA. In light of this fact, I’ve chosen to feature those great articles, while also including the many other great articles following those about Roth IRAs. For those who don’t have a Roth IRA, it really is a great way to save for your retirement. It shouldn’t be the only way you save money for retirement, but it is important to consider. My wife and I currently max out our Roth IRA’s each year.

What is Retirement?

A lot of what I am doing on this blog is trying to re-define what retirement looks like. The primary reason that I want to work at doing this is because too often we see retirement as something that should or has to be postponed until we are wrinkly and on our last leg (perhaps even literally). Despite what our culture may try to teach us, it doesn’t have to be this way.