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Why I Keep Creating More Blogs

Over the past few months, I have found myself making the plunge in starting and buying more blogs that I ever would have thought imaginable. My wife tells me it is an addiction (and that’s probably true), but in reality, it is all part of my master plan to retire early. I am currently working at a job that is a decent job for right now. I am finishing up my Master’s degree and due to my sudden fascination with earning a living from blogging, I have decided to switch paths on my career. In order to achieve my crazy goal, I know I have to build up passive income. This is where more blogs come into play. To be quite honest, I think there is something to say for focusing all of your efforts on one blog and building it’s traffic up before starting on a second blog. I often wonder if I am not spending enough time writing and building up my first site, but alas, this isn’t my approach.

Keep My Day Job?

When most people start earning a decent side income from their online ventures, they quit their day job and focus entirely on building their empire. I want to explore this idea, asking if is best to keep you day job or get rid of it. As I start to build up my side business (and businesses in the future), I have started to ask myself this very question. I want to suggest a radically new answer to this question.