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An Nontraditional Dividend Investment

Almost a year ago, I made my first dividend investment without knowing it. Okay, well I knew it was going to pay me a dividend, but I didn’t consider a dividend investment at the time. For those of you who read my other blog, you will know that I bought whole life insurance last fall. I bought a modest plan, with a $80,000 death benefit and an increasing cash value.

Are Cars Bad Investments? Why You Can Earn Profit from Depreciating Assets

Recently, I have been looking at new and used cars. Part of what got me interested was looking at some of the new hybrid cars that available. I was looking at all brands of cars, including some of the honda cars for sale. I know that buying a new car is a dangerous game of lifestyle inflation…but there is a lot of marketing aimed at consumers, trying to convince them to buy a new car for all the emotional reasons. It’s hard to ignore sometimes, if we are honest with ourselves. You know what I am talking about. That sleek, new design. The smell of a new car. These are all pleasant things. It’s hard not to buy into these subliminal messages.