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Early Retirement

Early retirement – the dream of many, the accomplishment of few. So many people long for early retirement, yet few actually accomplish their goal. What is it that prevents people from obtaining early retirement? If you follow my blog, you will come to find out that I am actively pursuing early retirement. It is not just some loft goal of mine – it is something that I hope to achieve through hard work. More importantly, I hope to retire early not just by a few years, but a few decades. In my early retirement plan, I share how I plan to get there.

Shooting for the Stars Begins Here

I am switching gears in my life. I am officially shooting for the stars. I have been toying with my future plans for some time now. As most young people do, I thought I had my life’s plan figured out. I am young, but that doesn’t stop me from planning for my future. In fact, that is what this blog is all about. It is about so many things, but particularly the possibilities that are available to us all if we give it everything we have.