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How Cash Flow Investments Change Your Life

Over the past few months, I have changed my investment strategy significantly. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I am now investing in several dividend-producing assets to see which investment produces the highest return. I call it a challenge, but it is ultimately a tool for analysis. Essentially, I will track my progress so that both you and I can be better informed investors going forward. Why invest more money in something just because it is the traditional way to do it when you can be getting a better return elsewhere? I plan to update everyone on the status of this challenge every month (mid-month), so be looking for that update soon.

Buying a Home (Someday) and Why it Delays My Passive Income Goal

Earlier this week I published my goal to earn $8,000 in passive income. I have come to realize that my projections are overly ambitious and to make things worse, didn’t account for my hopeful home purchase in the next couple of years. Find out how buying a home will affect my ability to develop passive income streams.

Why Bigger is Not Always Better for Blogging

As I have been trying to narrow in on my specific strategy to making a living from my online efforts, I keep coming up with this notion that bigger is not always better. On Monday, I mentioned that I keep building and buying more blogs. It was an addict’s first confession. I have bought into the belief that if I start a lot of projects now and continue to build them up over time, eventually my online income will take off like never before – and that’s saying a lot considering my most recent income report. Yet, even as I build up my online portfolio of blogs or empire (as many call it), I have a strong conviction that many are over-doing it. Here’s what I mean…

Maximizing Your Return, Minimizing Expenses

I often talk about the ideal business model. This is mostly due to the fact that I plan to make my living from income that I can turn into passive income instead of working the 9-to-5 my whole life. I know it sounds crazy to many, but it seems like it would offer me a lot of benefits and will be hard to turn down. As a result of being motivated, I know that I have to keep my expenses low in order to maximize my return. As I have talked about, one of the benefits of blogging is the low overhead costs. This allows for a smaller risk and more net income.

Passive Income Report – February 2012

For all of those who are faithfully following my progress on this site, you know reporting my income is a tradition at Passive Income to Retire. My goal is to have enough income to more than replace my income from my day job. I want to make sure that I can sustain a steady income before I do something crazy like retire at the age of 27, so I am building up my income now to see if I can maintain it for a while before pulling the plug on the traditional job. My goal is to build up a stream of steady income that I can sustain by working less than my day job.

Why Online Real Estate is Better

If you want passive income, one of the best choices is real estate. I have already suggested that real estate is passive investment. Buying properties to rent out provides a secure, long-term investment. If purchased for the right amount of money, you can even have a positive cash flow from the beginning. Buying real estate is in my early retirement plan for many of the same reasons stated here. However, I have started to think about how online real estate, or websites, offer investors a better option in many ways. Here’s why buying a website can be a better option than a physical property.