Reliable Information Matters in Workers’ Comp Cases

By | November 7, 2015

Iowa workers compensation is designed to assist people after a workplace injury, but many people enter into the compensation claims process unprepared. A consultation with a lawyer is often recommended for workers in this situation. With a lawyer’s guidance, an injured worker may have better odds of a good outcome.

Being at a Loss

One of the things that many people talk about when they are injured on the workforce is being at a loss as to what to do. Even though workplaces have policies that outline what to do in the event of an injury, the experience itself is often stressful enough that you might forget what you need to do. One helpful thing to bear in mind during the claim process is the fact that it is necessary to report your injury within a certain period to get your claim started.

Knowing the Difference Between Compensation and Disability Cases

Many people confuse the purposes of workers compensation and disability. State disability in Iowa is for injuries that aren’t workplace-related. Because these are two very different compensation systems, it is important for those seeking help following an injury to use the correct option. An attorney’s advice can help you make this important choice.

Finding Out If Further Action is Possible

One thing that causes a lot of turmoil for injured workers is knowing that they will be unlikely to take further legal action against their employer. Although there are limited cases where an injured worker can sue because of negligence or other reckless behavior, these options do not work with workers compensation. A reason many choose workers compensation is because it is no-fault and beneficiaries do not have to go through an extensive court case.

Good Reasons for Seeking Legal Advice

The fact that each workers compensation case has different circumstances and factors makes it a good idea for anyone seeking compensation to contact a lawyer. Even though a lawyer is not necessary to initiate a claim, you might find things easier if you do seek a lawyer. In addition to providing valuable advice, a lawyer can help you go through the steps, so you don’t miss anything important.