Recover From The Holidays & Speak With A CAB

By | February 3, 2017

Americans have a bad habit at the end of each year. From Thanksgiving onwards, we tend to overspend during the holidays. How could we not, when wild Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals precede month-long sales? It’s easy to get swept up in the festivities as we charge gift after gift on our credit cards. But most of the nation has a little buyer’s remorse come the New Year. With fresh eyes we see the state of our bank accounts after another holiday goes off the rails. As a result, fiscally responsible goals tend to top the list of popular New Year’s resolutions.

While the exact number depends on the source, most credible organizations estimate the average American spends just under $1,000 on the holidays. Anyone who understands how averages are made means that there are just as many Americans who spend well over this figure as there are those that pinch their pennies. According to the National Retail Federation, those big spenders are found in your very own state of Texas. Some cities, like Flower Mound, spend over $2,600, proving that everything is bigger in Texas.

Whether or not your holiday budget was anywhere near Flower Mound’s astonishing average, your bank account is probably still hurting from the festivities. Seasonal cheer can leave you unprepared when necessary purchases, unexpected bills, and surprise repairs come calling in the New Year. When you live in Texas, a CAB (the acronym for Credit Access Business) offers a flexible safety net at any time of the year. CABs like MoneyKey have certification from the Office of the Consumer Credit Commission to broker installment loans on your behalf. These financial products range between $200 and $1,000, and they follow a staggered repayment plan that coincides with multiple pay days.

To see if you qualify for an installment loan, read up on the requirements listed at This is also a great resource for understanding how these financial products work in greater detail. You’ll learn how a CAB negotiates and then facilitates a small dollar loan on your behalf and what kind of rates, terms, and conditions you can expect. If these seem like a manageable addition to the repayment of your principal, you can go directly to their simple and quick application form from this page.

An important step of borrowing money is determining if these rates and terms are appropriate for your financial capabilities. While a CAB like MoneyKey can make it easier for you to recognize their products and process with clear, defined language, only you know your limits. It’s your responsibility to choose a CAB with your best interest at heart. When you find a CAB that offers responsible lending options, then you can recover from your holiday overindulgences faster and with less hassle.