Life Insurance: It’s not about you

By | April 13, 2013

When you purchase travel insurance, the goal is to protect yourself in case of cancelled flights or lost baggage. When you purchase health insurance, the point is to protect your health and ensure that you can afford any necessary medical assistance. When you purchase life insurance, however, the objective is not to help you but to protect your family. Living without a loved one is traumatic enough on its own, but being forced to face exorbitant medical bills or eviction notices can make life unbearable for the families and loved ones who get left behind. No one wants to think about the end of a life, but it is something that adults with dependents need to do in order to care for their families and their needs in the event that the worst happens.

Cover the Final Costs

Some of the most immediate things that life insurance will cover are your final costs. Even the simplest of burials and cremations can be expensive, and these costs could cripple your family when they are already dealing with the heartbreak of losing a loved one. The average funeral costs thousands, and life insurance can be the way to handle these final expenses. In addition, life insurance can cover any lingering medical debt that might have been necessary towards the end of your life.

Would Your Spouse Work or Care for the Family?

This is an important question to ask yourself when you compare the market for life insurance. You might currently be the sole supporter of your family, or your spouse may not have the same earning potential as you do. Either way, you need to give some thought to what would happen should the worst occur. Would your spouse be able to earn enough income to support the family? Would they have to return to work right away in order to pay the bills? If they were injured in any way, what source of income would he or she have to live on? As you compare life insurance policies and seek out the right coverage, keep these questions in your mind.

Mortgage Costs with No Income

The main priority for many families is shelter and a place to rest each night. If you currently have a mortgage on a home, you probably feel quite secure about where you live and how you can afford the next month’s payment. If the worst happens, however, think about what your family would deal with. Missing even one mortgage payment might mean that they lose their family home, which can be traumatic for children. When the family is already distraught, getting evicted can be a devastating final blow. People don’t want to think of their loved ones struggling financially, and life insurance coverage can grant you peace of mind as you live your life to the fullest.

Covering Major Bills

The immediate priorities of life insurance are usually the home and the final costs of the deceased, but they can also get to work paying the most pressing bills for your family. A suitable life insurance policy could be what helps your family to pay the electricity each month or continue paying tuition costs for your children. Even little things like filling up the car with fuel or shopping for food can be stressful when you don’t know where money will come from, but you can give your family security now.

Saving for the Future: College, Retirement, and More

Life insurance is designed with immediate benefits in mind. In fact, most families draw heavily on life insurance in the weeks and months following the passing of their loved one, which makes sense as there are a lot of changes to be made and trauma to be handled. However, life insurance will still have incredible effects on your family’s quality of life down the road. Your policy might help your spouse to retire as planned or it could help your children attend the college of their choice when they are old enough.

Losing someone you love is devastating, and adding financial struggles to the equation just makes it that much harder. To protect your family today and when you are no longer around to help, invest in the right life insurance policy.