How & Why You Should Be a Rover Sitter

By | July 30, 2017

What if there were a way to supplement your income and enrich your life at the same time? There is—and you can get started easily and quickly!

Pet owners are always looking for friendly, reliable caregivers for their four-legged family members. It might sound too good to be true, but you can earn great money as a pet sitter.

Supplement Your Income

If you have experience with dogs, you’re already qualified for the job! You can start earning money right away. Caring for pets can be incorporated into your regular routine, so the time commitment is minimal. You can set your own rates, choose your availability, and select the services that you want to offer.

As you gain experience, you’ll have a reliable clientele base, and you’ll collect reviews that will boost demand for your services. Your income potential will skyrocket!

Enrich Your Life

Pet owners live longer, get more exercise, and play more. Dog-sitters get all the benefits of ownership without the responsibility! Even if you already own pets, you can connect them with new friends and experiences by inviting guests into your home.

Prefer working with small dogs, or older pets who are slowing down? No problem—just note your strengths and preferences in your profile. You can also stay in your client’s homes, or simply offer dog-walking services. It’s totally flexible! The only guarantee is that you’ll have a great time.

Get Started Now!

Signing up to be a Rover sitter is easy! You’ll submit information about your experience with pets and why you want to be a sitter, and create a profile where owners can find you. Let people know when you’re available, and respond to requests in a timely manner. From there, you’ll do a Meet & Greet to make sure you’re a great fit.

The site takes care of everything: Rover facilitates great communication via its app, and gives you lots of tips and advice on how to maximize your pet-sitting expertise and opportunities. Before long, you’ll wonder what you did without your Rover friends—and the extra cash you’re bringing in!