How to Get a Cell Phone Tower on Your Property

By | November 16, 2015

If you’re struggling to meet your monthly financial obligations, you may be looking for ways to augment your regular income. Hosting a cell phone tower on your property is an easy way to bring in additional cash without picking up a second or third job.

Although leasing land for cell phone towers may not be a very common practice for many landowners, if you are located in the right area and have extra space on your property, you may be the ideal candidate to host a cell phone tower. If you think your property or your rooftop may be in the perfect location, follow these three simple steps for getting a cell phone tower on your property:

  1. Contact Cellular Carriers

Rather than attempting to convince cellular tower manufacturers they should put a tower on your property, submit your property location or rooftop information directly to the major wireless carriers in your area. They are responsible for making the final decision regarding whether or not to put a cell phone tower on your property, so it is best to cut out the middleman and go straight to them.

Most cell phone providers look for properties that are at least 50’ x 50’ and within a football field’s length from a major (paved) public road. In order for rooftops to be considered for cell phone towers, they should be at least three stories tall and flat on top (no pitched roofs).

  1. Be Persistent

It is important to realize that cellular carriers receive a lot of requests from people who would like to host cell phone towers on their property in exchange for monthly payments. This means you may have to be persistent in order to be considered. Plan on contacting the major cellular carriers every six months or so until you receive a response.

  1. Put Up a Sign

Cellular carrier representatives sometimes drive around and look for properties that would be ideal locations for new towers. In order to get their attention, put a sign up on your property indicating that it is available to lease or rent.

Not all properties are ideally located for cell phone towers, but yours might be. Follow these easy steps to find out if you could bring in extra monthly income by putting your land on lease for a mobile tower.