How to convert more of your website visitors into successful conversions

By | May 1, 2013

Just like in day-to-day meetings with clients and customers, making the first impression with your website online is extremely important. Websites are your online ambassador and they’re available 24/7; even when your store is closed, potential clients and customers can still visit your site and if they don’t like what they see, you could be losing a lot of sales. When it comes to your business website, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Keep It Simple

Your competition is fierce which means there is more sites to visit and less time for your customers to spend reading on your site. If there is not a simple, clear message that will connect with your readers within the first few seconds they are probably going to move on to someone else. A great example of simplicity is As soon as you land on their home page you instantly know what their service is (small business loans) and there is an eye-catching, useful slider that allows the user to be interactive in a clean, simple manner.

Dictate Action

If you never ask your customers to do anything, they probably never will. One of the most overlooked aspects on business websites today is the call to action. A call to action is simply that: some sort of message you give to the reader to make the do something. It could be “Call Us Today:” followed by a phone number or in the case of the wongaforbusiness website, it is “apply now”. Your website needs something to tell the users what to do next.

Make It Easy

When having professional design done, business often get caught up in the looks of the website and don’t necessarily remember to make the sites functional. When visiting a business’ website, potential customers are only looking for specific things (often location, prices, services offered, etc.)

If the information the customer is looking for is hard to find due to too many navigation tabs or a complicated website, they are more likely to hit the “back” button on their browser and move on to the competition instead of spending their time trying to figure your website out.

In the end the key to making a first impression that will turn your browsers into customers is all about simplicity and functionality. Provide the information they are looking for in an easy-to-access manner, present a call to action, and your website will be doing everything it needs to do.