How I Make Money Blogging Review

By | August 6, 2012

If you are interested in making money from a blog, you are in luck. Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff recently released a ebook called How I Make Money Blogging. I was lucky enough to be able to read the book and I have to say that it is one of the best resources for beginnings that I am aware of. If you are thinking about starting a blog in order to make money, you should consider buying this book.

A Little Background About Crystal

For those of you who do not know Crystal, she has become a blogging “superstar.” While I think the ‘rags to riches’ type of stories are often a little bit of hype and fluff, she may be one to quality for this label. In February of 2010 she started her own blog Over the period of the next year, she learned the ropes of blogging. She slowly became popular among other bloggers, taking full advantage of staff writing jobs and many others. Before long, she started making money from her blog.

She used her marketing degree and skills to master negotiating with private advertisers. She was so successful that other bloggers began to ask her to run advertising for their blogs, knowing that even with her small commission, they would be more profitable. While I could go on and on, Crystal describes her success very clearly in her ebook:

“[In 2011,] I ended up making $84,028 before taxes solely from my online endeavors! And $25,000 of that was just from BFS! That total amounted to almost 2.5 times my gross salary of my old job!

Crystal is one of the rare success stories that I have been honored to witness and she does a great service to anyone interested in learning how to do the same. She eventually quit her day job and has since doubled or tripled the amount she was making at her day job with blogging. Why not learn how to make money from the best?

How I Make Money Blogging

Crystal’s book lives up to my expectations. She starts out with some of the necessary basics, helping readers with questions you would expect for anyone just starting out. In other words, she covers topics like picking a host, building up your blog, and much more. It’s hard to mess this up unless you don’t know what you are talking about – and Crystal definitely knows what she’s doing.

The most treasured part of the book, in my opinion, is Crystal’s advice with private advertising. She not only breaks down the types of ads, but also covers the basics of negotiating. She emphasizes not to sell yourself short in your pricing. If you are curious how advertising works or how much to charge advertisers, this is the book for you. Everything you want to know to get started is in this book – seriously! It was not only written by a blogging superstar, but reviewed and edited by several other experienced bloggers. If you are thinking about getting started to make some money from your blog, I would venture to guess that this is the best investment you can make. The advice given in this one ebook would probably cost you hundreds of dollars in consulting fees. Don’t wait to buy something you know you will need. I know that I wish I had this resource when I was starting out. It would have saved me hours of learning the ropes, making it well worth the price.

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