Four Things You Need To Do For Buying A Home

By | June 17, 2015

Looking to move? That’s great news. If it’s your first time though, things can get a little bit confusing. In fact even if it isn’t your first time, things can still get a little complicated. Knowing what to do and when can be difficult. Sometimes it’s nice to have a little reminder.

Let’s guide you through the process.


Before you even decide to move, you need to know if you can afford it. Knowing your budget is key to any moves you make next. Whether you’re able to sell your old home or not is the first part of that.

Selling the old home can make up a significant part of your budget, reducing the amount you have to save. If you rented or lived somewhere where the home is not yours to sell, you’re going to have to do a little more legwork to put the budget together.

Once you’ve got enough to put down a deposit, you can move on.

Real Estate Agents

You need to start speaking to realtors at this stage. Try and find them in the local area of the place you are looking to buy. A good way to identify local real estate agents is to go for a small walk or drive around the area. If you see any houses for sale, make a note of the estate agents on the signs outside the house.

Once you have a small handful of prospective candidates, pay them a visit. You should know exactly what you want before you go in to see them though.

Have some idea of how many bedrooms you need, or how close you want to be to schools or shopping areas. That kind of information is vital to finding the right place for you.

See The Homes

Once the estate agent has found a few choice homes, it’s time to go see them for yourself. Pictures and descriptions can only say so much. You need to go and take a look at what they have to offer yourself.

Sometimes a house just doesn’t feel right. It’s hard to say what this stems from. It could be personal tastes, or it could be something more tangible. What you should always be looking out for when seeing a home are the flaws that aren’t mentioned in the listing.

The finer details and flaws are never really given much attention.You should be keeping an eye out whenever possible to find the issues with the home that the owners are trying to hide.

Doing The Deal

Once you’ve found the perfect place for your budget, it’s time to sign the papers. Making sure the paperwork and any agreement with a mortgage provider are in order will be essential. Missing documents or not signing something correctly can lead to things collapsing immediately.

Be sure you know what you have to sign and for what purpose. Be mindful of this, and ensure your copies are well stored.
So there we have it. Whether you’re new to this or just looking for a little reminder, I hope it’s been helpful.