Don’t Overlook an Accountant for Business

By | December 3, 2016


When it comes to making your business succeed, one should never overlook keeping your financial end in top form. You have put in all kinds of time and effort in making your business work and unless you are an expert in accounting, doing it yourself can not only end up costing you more money but opens you up to unnecessary risk. Most business owners agree that it is better to dedicate yourself to the operations of your business and leave the legal and accounting aspects to it qualified professionals. There are many reasons why you can improve your business with an accountant but here are some of the more significant ones.

It is one thing to be keeping track of invoices and basic expenditures but keeping track of the constantly changing tax laws can be difficult and tedious. If you are not keeping up to date on this, you could end up making some costly errors that could cost a lot of money. What works one year doesn’t necessarily work the next. Perhaps you can save more money than you thought, or perhaps you are doing something illegal that could cost you a penalty. There are many write offs that you can do if you know the rules and others you cannot. I have heard from small business owners after years of running their own business that they found out years down the road that they could have something differently and saved themselves thousands of dollars regarding tax laws they did not know about. I also once had a client who had some overseas business with some complex accounting to do. The IRS questioned the fashion in the which the books where being kept. The accountant could reason with the IRS and they ended up changing the tax laws for the future regarding this situation. Good luck doing this yourself.

Another issue to consider it the liability factor. While ultimately you are responsible for your books regardless if an account is managing them or not, in the case of any litigation your case would be an easy win in the eyes of a judge given you allotted a professional company to manage your accounting. If you are managing all aspects of your books, you are on the hook for any mistake big or small. This also can provide peace of mind knowing that you can concentrate on your end of the business and not wonder if you are doing things properly with your books.

An accountant can help you with many other aspects. Perhaps you only will ever have yourself employed or one or two employees, but if you end up growing and you don’t have a good book keeping structure in place, it can be a big head ache to implement an after the fact plan for growth. Knowing how to allocate funds to yourself and members of your family and investing it for maximum tax savings. An Accountant can even help you improve your own personal credit rating with their knowledge and expertise. When it comes to certain areas of your business or personal life for that matter, it is often better to let the professionals handle what they know best. Doing so will only benefit you in the long run.