Use A Coupon Code and Save 5 Popular Udemy Courses for Earning Passive Income

By | November 21, 2017

Passive income sounds like the perfect life but many people make one wrong assumption about this form of income that often costs them their life’s savings: the myth that once you set up the asset, you don’t have to do anything else to earn except wait for the money to flow in. It doesn’t always work this way because eventually you will have to work to keep the income stable and constant, if not increasing steadily over time.

For passive income to work and remain a viable project, one has to put in some effort and time, plus the initial cost, whether it be the actual funding for the project or the training to avoid messy and costly mistakes. Here are five highly recommended Udemy courses that will teach and train you on the art of successful passive income endeavors.

Creating Passive Income Online – My Strategy by Juri Fab

With over 7,800 students, 28-year-old Juri Fab offers nine different courses on Udemy as a specialist of affiliate marketing, one of the most popular forms of passive income. This course requires you to have a computer and Internet access. It is for beginners to learn the basics of passive income as it focuses on earning that first dollar and the different types of passive income, supplemented by personal examples of Juri.

Although you can learn similar information on your own, it will take you much longer to compile the same amount in 30 minutes, which is the length of this certificate course. Plus, you might get distracted by the huge amount of false information online.

Passive Income Streams for Busy Entrepreneurs by Kenz Soliman

Kenz Soliman is a bestselling Udemy teacher, wife, mother and online empire builder. She has had more than 20,000 students in her classes and in early 2017, she launched her own online academy for bloggers and entrepreneurs.

This course is perfect for those who want to start earning passive income but have no idea where to start and what to avoid. In addition, you get to ask as many questions as you want and learn two effective ways to start your passive income business in any niche in under one hour. Kenz also includes a lifetime access to help you over rough patches, as well as a Certificate of Completion.

You will enjoy the no-nonsense style that covers the basics in only 60 minutes. The author has other classes that you can attend to further enhance your passive income education and training.

How to Generate Passive Income with No Initial Funds by Bryan Guerra

Bryan Guerra is an ecommerce specialist who also dabbles in passive income. His strategy requires no huge capital funding. In fact, to start earning, all you need is to join this course. He will show you how to start simple – with a blog – and how to monetize it so it will earn for you for many years.

Start an Amazon Business that Generates Passive Income by John Harris

John Harris is a credit repair specialist with a keen financial background. Using Amazon, he can show you how you can earn passive income in this three-hour course. The only requirement is basic knowledge of Microsoft Word.

According to Harris, information will be your product and it will be valuable enough that you will never be at a loss for customers – and you will be paid promptly and in cash. You will need to spend to start earning because part of his formula is setting up an online presence and building your manuscript.

You will need to put in a lot of effort initially but the long-term passive income is huge, according to Harris. To find out more, you will have to join his course.

Teach Online: How to Create In-Demand Online Courses by Debbie LaChusa

Everyone’s an expert and if you can tap into your field of expertise and create an online course, you can comfortably start earning passive income for the rest of your life. This is what Debbie LaChusa believes, the founder of The Business Stylist, who has over 30 years of experience running a business and is willing to share her practical business experiences and lessons.

Debbie will show you the easy way to get started creating your unique online course, as well as how to brand and market it, and keep it real and viable.

She highly recommends that you have a video camera and editing software before taking this 3.5-hour course. This course is highly recommended for busy experts and professionals because the information given is detailed but given in simple lesson chunks so there’s no information overload.

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