Content is King

By | December 12, 2011

provided by the Polon team via flickrWhen you are deciding what is the most important aspect of your blog, what is most important to you? Many people will become too narrowly focused on improving the little things, but I take a different approach. I am sure you have heard it over and over again, but content is king. When it comes making money online, this rings true over and over again.


Here are some popular reasons why content should be your number one priority.

  • People Link to Quality Content: You can try your hardest to weasel links from other sites, or go to the hassle of creating various other blogs to link to your site, but the fact of the matter is that if you have quality information on your site, it will get linked to. If you don’t already know, getting backlinks to your site is the key to online success for a lot of reasons. Short answer, it equals more money. If you have more people linking to your site, you are going to have higher rankings (PR, MozRank, etc). The higher the rankings, the better opportunities for advertising deals. Getting more links to your site also means referral traffic. More people will be aware of your site and if you have quality content, this can only lead to promising results.
  • People will follow you: This one doesn’t take too much to explain, but the simple matter of the fact is that people will become regular followers only if you can offer them something. Even if you have a great design, no one cares to stick around if the material isn’t there. If you think about the big sites out there with lots of readers/visitors, these sites don’t have the best design, but they have the content. If you aspire to be a professional blogger, try not obsessing over

Why I focus on Content more than Style

If you look at this site, you will notice that it is decently structured. It is easy to navigate and has something more than just plain text as a logo. Yet, I’m not in the competing in any website design contest. While I do think it is important, it’s not that important. The reason why I put priority on content is because I can create more sites and push out lots of content if I focus on just that, than if I were trying to do everything else.

I do a lot more to network with other sites in order to promote my articles (more on this later), but once I get a site established, I don’t mess with the design. You have to find a balance and do what works for you. Content takes the priority over promoting your articles because if you don’t have quality information, no one will come to it no matter how hard you push it.

What’s your focus?