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Bad Credit? Don’t Give Up on Your Loan

Not everyone has a good credit score. Does this mean they’re not eligible for a loan? That’s where personal unsecured loans come to the rescue. They allow people with poor credit score to get a loan to pay for their medical bills, purchase a new TV for the living room or go on a much… Read More »

Why Your Small Business Should Accept Credit Cards

If you’re a small business, expanding your customer base is going to be one of your main priorities. However, if you don’t currently accept credit cards as a form of payment, you are losing out on a number of potential customers who would pay you for goods and services using a credit card. Not accepting… Read More »

How to Make More Money From Your Craft Business

Making things is one of the most fashionable things to do at the moment, with skills like sewing, knitting, carpentry and jewelry making all seeing something of a renaissance among people who want to own their own unique pieces that they have the pleasure of saying they made themselves. Hobbies That Become Businesses Of course,… Read More »

How Artisans Can Use Facebook

Do you create handmade or up-cycled products? Do you sell vintage or antique items on Etsy or from your website? You may be wondering what, if anything, you can do with your Facebook business page. Here’s how to make the most of your social media account so that you can attract new fans of your… Read More »

5 Investment Ideas for Retirees

I was having a conversation with my mentor who runs a management training program and is closing in on his own retirement. The conversation turned to his investment strategy and this is what I learned: Investments are important financial tools for any adult. If you are able to save early, you can easily build your… Read More »

Wise Up Against Credit Card Fraud

According to a new survey, Australia ranks eighth out of 17 nations for incidences of credit card fraud, and a third of Aussies have been hit by credit card fraud. The survey also found that Aussies are more content with the customer service they receive, compared to cardholders in Singapore, China, India and Indonesia. A… Read More »