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My Top Passive Income Ideas

To build a passive income, we need to own properties that generate a regular income for us with minimal involvement after they have been created. This can be contrasted with working at a job or working for someone for pay, where, at the end of the transaction, we do not or own any income-generating property.… Read More »

Easy Way(s) to Increase Passive Income

I’ve been focused on develop more passive income for almost a year now. The extra income that I have generated has enabled me to do many things that I wouldn’t have been able to do without it. Passive income has a way of becoming an addiction. When focusing on generating more revenue, you start to… Read More »

How Cash Flow Investments Change Your Life

Over the past few months, I have changed my investment strategy significantly. As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I am now investing in several dividend-producing assets to see which investment produces the highest return. I call it a challenge, but it is ultimately a tool for analysis. Essentially, I will track my progress so that both you and I can be better informed investors going forward. Why invest more money in something just because it is the traditional way to do it when you can be getting a better return elsewhere? I plan to update everyone on the status of this challenge every month (mid-month), so be looking for that update soon.

How NOT to Build Passive Income

One of the things that I like to do on this site is to provide creative ways to build passive income. Part of that is in part due to the fact that I think it helps others think outside the box. The point is simple. You can build up passive income if you dedicate enough focus to doing it. Focus and energy to stay committed toward a goal. This isn’t an easy achievement by any means. It takes dedication and hard work. I may make it sound easy with all of the different streams that I am investing in now, but it’s not. One of the biggest ways that it is hard to continue working towards these goals (short-term progress and long-term goal of financial independence) is to avoid spending more money.

My Passive Income Challenge

After realizing that my dream of financial independence is still years away, I realized that I need to come up with a game plan to increase my passive income and diversify my investments at the same time. Passive income is important to me because it will be one of the ways to supplement my income and slowly transition into either self-employment, part-time work, or early retirement. As my passive income increases, my requirement to make more money from my day job decreases. The next question then is how to increase my income the fastest way. It’s hard to know what the best use of my money is and where I should be directing my money, so I figured I would make it a challenge.