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How Do You Get Compensation After a Motorcycle Accident?

Getting injured on your motorcycle can be devastating. Of course, you should always take the time to recover before you start to think about getting compensation. Nothing is more important than your own health in these kinds of matters. Once you’re able to, you should definitely start to think about whether you are due compensation… Read More »

Your classic car needs comprehensive car insurance

We all have images of what a Classic Car is when we hear the term. Visions of perhaps chrome, leather, pipes, old but completely restored cars. These are the types of cars that really stick out if one is in your neighborhood. These old beauties are rare and they get even more so as time… Read More »

Understanding the ILR’s views on litigation funding

Third party funding is becoming increasingly popular for big businesses looking to fund multi-million pound law suits. More and more investors are showing interest in the possibility of backing litigation funding companies as well. The Association of Litigation Funders (ALF) regulates the litigation funding industry in the UK and has implemented a Code of Conduct.… Read More »

Learning to Deal with Challenges

Over the past 8-9 months, my life has rapidly changed. I went from a passionate graduate student who was also working full-time to someone who has also started blogging part-time. When I say part-time, I mean to say that it is an obsession. I started out blogging, giving it everything that I had. I would wake up every morning an hour earlier to read and comment on about 30-40 blogs each weekday. This lead to the short time that my name became somewhat known among other personal finance bloggers. Everything was going right. Within the first 3-4 months, I made my first grand online and things got out of hand just shortly after that. Until recently, I faced a pretty big challenge and found myself in a rut. Find out how I got myself out.