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5 Ways to Save on Auto Insurance in Your Golden Years

Auto insurance carriers consider age when they review your application to underwrite a policy. The older you are, the more risk you might pose to the company. Consequently, you may find yourself paying more for your auto insurance coverage than you did prior to your retirement, or even last year. This isn’t necessarily fair. Just… Read More »

A Guide To Understanding PPI

Usually, when we take out a loan or apply for credit we have the option of applying for PPI also known as Payment Protection Insurance. Most people are not familiar with the term PPI or how it can be used or what it does exactly. Basically, PPI is credit or money related insurance that protects… Read More »

What to Know Before You Cancel Your Burial Insurance

If you are considering canceling your burial insurance policy because you feel it’s an unnecessary expense, think again. Burial insurance is a beneficial policy to have, just as important as life insurance. Here is what you need to know before you cancel your burial insurance. 1.      It’s the Best Policy to Have if You Have… Read More »

New Strategies to Find Insurance Plans

Finding the right insurance at the right price can be difficult thing to achieve. You could simply go online and request quotes but that would result in unwanted emails from countless agencies for many months. Instead, there is another tactic you can utilize that will get you accurate answers faster while also eliminating unwanted calls… Read More »

Life Insurance: It’s not about you

When you purchase travel insurance, the goal is to protect yourself in case of cancelled flights or lost baggage. When you purchase health insurance, the point is to protect your health and ensure that you can afford any necessary medical assistance. When you purchase life insurance, however, the objective is not to help you but… Read More »

The Biggest Myths of Term Life Insurance

When looking for life insurance policies, you will find many people willing to share what they know. The problem with this is many people don’t get their information from a financial planner. Many of the things you will be told are myths about term life insurance. The insurance salesman will tell you anything to get… Read More »