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Six Tips for Paying Off Your Debts Quickly

Being in debt is fairly normal for most people nowadays – there’s usually no big deal when it comes to getting a credit card, purchasing a car on finance, or mortgaging your home. However, being in too much debt can quickly start to cause problems for you with your finances, making it difficult to save… Read More »

Saving Money When a New Baby Comes

Nothing is quite as wonderful as the arrival of a new baby, especially a first child, but this joy can quickly be tempered with a hard dose of reality when the financial implications are weighing down on you. A baby born in the next year is likely to cost his parents not far short of… Read More »

AVOID Payday Loans!

At one time or another, most of us find ourselves falling a little short on money.  When that happens, it can be tempting to try to find a quick fix.  Payday loans can be an attractive option, but using them is rarely a good idea.  Payday loan companies can take advantage of your situation and… Read More »

Understanding How To Keep Debts Under Control

It does not take all that much time for debts to pile up and grow under your name. The problem with these debts is that they can prove to be extremely high in amounts and difficult to pay back. The worst part is that it can be very easy for your debts to grow in… Read More »

Quick loans: what to consider

The basic concept of borrowing money through quick loans is easy. When you’re in a tight situation, these loans aim to deliver you money as fast as possible; looking to be repaid on your next pay day. The premise is simple but it always helps to know more. With this in mind, here are a… Read More »

How to Clear Debts Before You Retire

How time flies! One minute you’re at school; the other you’re in the working world; the next you’re approaching retirement. As retirement nears, it becomes more important to clear your debts. This is particularly the case if you’re relocating to somewhere like the UAE, which is popular as both a tourist destination and retirement destination.… Read More »