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Yakezie Carnival – Christmas Edition

Merry Christmas Everyone!   I hope you are enjoying the Holidays (regardless of what tradition you celebrate). Yes, I may have stayed up a few minutes later than my family to set up this post, but I am enjoying the time away from the 9-to-5. While I was tempted to leave the theme to just… Read More »

Weekend Highlight – Christmas edition

Merry Christmas everyone. I am sure you will appreciate the following articles from around the internet: Round-up Young Family Finance wrote about the difference between Daycare or Stay at home Parent 20’s Finances wrote about the Benefits of a Roth IRA for Young Adults Money Reasons writes about the Money Pros Index Fund Challenge Carnivals… Read More »

PITR Carnival Inclusions 1

Thanks to all my faithful readers out there. I am making progress on building systems that will generate some passive income for the future. I can’t wait to share some of the things with you. Some of these will promise to generate income and help my towards my early retirement plan. In the mean time, Passive… Read More »