Can you Make Money Blogging?

By | December 1, 2011

Did you know that people make money with their blogs? If someone were to tell me six months ago that people made money by blogging ago, I would laughed in their face. However, with experiencing it myself, I know first hand that you can make money by blogging. It isn’t easy, but it is possible. Part of my work here is to show you how to do so. I give you all of the juicy details. If you stick around and subscribe to my RSS feed, you will be well on your way to achieving it yourself.

Why I Did Not Think People Made Money with Their Blogs

My experience with blogs was limited before this past year. I had never followed a blog too closely. I had friends that took trips and would create a blog to keep a journal of their experience and I would check it occasionally. However, it wasn’t something I was too familiar with. I viewed blogs as a public journal. Some people had naturally good writing skills, while others… well, they need some help.

My perception of a blog was considerably skewed. I failed to see the importance of a blog and that is why I couldn’t wrap my mind around the idea that someone could make money with it. I know this is a common belief because as I get the same response when I have been explaining to friends and family that I started a couple of blogs and am making money off of them. They always are shocked. When I tell them that I want to build up my online income, they all react the same way as well. People really do this? I am sure that they think I am insane.

How to Appropriately View a Blog

Understanding that a blog can make money rests on your view of it. If you see it as a public journal (as I did), it makes sense that blogging and income do not equate. However, if you view it as an online publication or newspaper, your acceptance of an income starts to change. With the world switching to the digital era, there are more and more major publications that are solely online. In fact, most printed material is duplicated online. Major magazines have already made the shift to include online versions.

That’s exactly what a blog is. A blog can easily have tens of thousands of daily viewers. If you are writing relevant material, it is no surprise that people would want to come to your site to read it. The most basic understanding of advertising is that advertisers follow the crowd. They see where people are “gathering” and then try to buy advertising there, in order to pick up some new customers. Blogs make money by writing quality material and then selling advertising to interested companies. It’s not necessarily easy, but it’s certainly achievable.

Advertising can come in a variety of forms as well. I will detail the different ways you can make money with a blog in the future, so feel free to stick around.