Avoid the Non-Responsive Email Disaster

By | October 25, 2018

You sent out hundreds of promotional emails to thousands of people. The conversion rates on those mass emails seem weak. Why so? Well, maybe those emails weren’t all that good. Quality counts with email marketing. Yes, promotional email strategies are numbers games. Sending out a significant volume of emails to a great many people can be better than sending out minimal mailings. No email strategy, however, works when the content is weak. The words and images must sell effectively. Even the best material, however, suffers when the design of the email undermines it.

The Notorious Non-Responsive Email

A non-responsive email is an email that might as well not exist. An email list comprised of tons of great prospects means little if the email bores them to death. Email marketing must inspire and motivate the recipient. Trying to achieve these results with a template isn’t going to cut it. “Cookie cutter templates” provide a way to make a generic email newsletter. Free ones cut down on overall marketing budgets. The drawback, however, would be the lack of a response. Emails go out. Sales don’t come in. Even procuring no-commitment leads isn’t doable. Flat, dull, “pre-fabricated” marketing emails generally don’t deliver results. So, why waste time with them?

The World’s Mobile Now

Template-based emails rarely make a positive transition to tablet and smartphone screens. The poor transition proves outright disastrous for anyone relying on an email marketing strategy. The year is not 2003. People don’t sit in front of a desktop like they once did. They like mobile devices to browse the internet on the go. Anything pulled up on a mobile screen must fit. Otherwise, the email won’t deliver an effect. Ultimately, sales won’t move.

The Layout Proves Troubled

A non-responsive email comes off as both choppy and incomplete on a mobile device. Sections of the email might not even be visible on the screen. If the viewer can’t see essential parts, the content won’t deliver any results. Anyone who thinks the recipient will zoom in or scroll down doesn’t understand how troubling the layout is. The look creates a wrong impression.

The poor impressions extend to the email’s product or service. The person or company behind the email doesn’t come off very good either. Incompetence turns into a contagion spreading to all associated with the email. Marketing strategies do more than sell products and services. Robust strategies also support the branding of a business/entrepreneur. Weakly composed emails combined with horrible, non-responsive layouts don’t speak well of whoever sent the promotional herald. Casual indifference to a non-responsive email strategy is bad enough. Leaving recipients with an awful impression about the company/entrepreneur comes off as a disaster.

Professional Talent and Responsiveness

Templates remain the preferred choice of amateurs. Poor design and layout reflect the results of amateur work. Anyone serious about a marketing strategy should turn to a professional email marketing team to craft the right approach. The best marketing path creates the best potential to see a return on investment.

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