Are You Meant to be Self-Employed?

By | January 23, 2017

You’re probably one of many who’s thought of quitting that job and shoving it. The manager’s driving you nuts. Your colleagues have no idea what they’re doing. You’ve had enough of being overlooked or the lack of innovation in your position or the field has hit its ceiling. Maybe you’d be better off running your own operation and depending on no one but yourself!

Fortunately, though the idea crosses many of our minds, we have the good sense to stay put. Despite all the benefits of being self-employed, not everyone is built for it.

Can You Carry the Burden?

You need the flexibility to be on your own. Being self-employed doesn’t mean fewer hours and smaller work loads. It means the exact opposite. One day you’ll have a global staff, but you’re going to work longer days and perform almost all tasks yourself from day one. Sure, if you so desire, you could put off work and spend a afternoon on the beach, but can you afford to? In general, most people need – even if they don’t know it = the idea that they go in and leave at a certain hour, that their tasks are clearly defined and they’re secure knowing what to expect monetarily.

Are You Good at Tasking?

The self-employed are good task managers and probably don’t like relying on others to get things done. They can be micromanagers and control freaks. They hate running things by the boss or waiting for colleagues to do their part. A good candidate for self-employment is someone taking the reins every chance they get and knowing it’s getting done right. They also tend to be full of ideas and can unintentionally take charge.

Will You Love What You’re Doing?

Another great characteristic of the self-employed is passion. They aren’t as concerned about money as they are about a need to do something that fulfills them. The self-employed get to collaborate with clients and customers that support their dream. This is the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Without it, self-employment burns out quickly.

Are You a People Person?

Being self-employed doesn’t necessarily working alone. To sustain your business, you will need partners, vendors, clients, customers, etc. The self-employed have to listen carefully, speak when necessary and promote themselves accordingly. Analytical thinking is critical as you consider what you need, how others can supply it and how to apply ideas and materials affordably so that your business thrives.

Are You Resourceful Enough to Dodge the Bullets?

As your own boss and probably the sole employee, you will be responsible for every obstacle that gets in the way. Accountability for everything from managing the budget to holding onto customers will be in your hands. Can you manage the books, technology, taxes, legal issues and all that falls in between? More importantly, can you keep a stream of income coming in that you can survive on? (In that regard, here are four tips on making income that may come in handy.)

The truth is as much as we want to think otherwise, not everyone has the capability to be self-employed. But if you think any of the above applies to you and there is that one thing you’d love to explore, it might be time to sit down and consider what direction you want your future to go in.