What is Passive Income to Retire?

Passive Income to Retire is a website about my efforts to reach retirement early. A lot of people wonder how big of a lump sum they need to retire. Instead of asking this question or working the rest of my life to have enough to retire on, I plan on creating streams of passive income (or semi-passive) to fund my retirement. That way I can enjoy life and not worry about money. Passive income is the key to early retirement. It’s as simple as that.

Who am I?

To most people, I’m not anyone special. I’m not a millionaire, nor do I care to be. I’m not a financial expert, but I am making money online. I have ambien online another personal finance blog that got me interested in making money from online ventures and other forms of passive income. I love reading and talking about finances. I have always been a saver instead of a spender. Financial responsibility runs through my blood and this blog is an extension of this passion.

Join with Me

Please join with me. Don’t settle for a boring job that you will do for the rest of your life. Find a way to do what you are passionate about and do it well. If you like what you see, subscribe to receive updates whenever new material is published. Also, if you are living the dream or working towards a similar goal, please >share your story with me.