A Line of Credit with Flex Pay Services Can Save Your Business

By | January 20, 2017

A valid line of credit can be the difference between life or death for your business. Business owners know that having fluidity when it comes to equity means being able to grow even when your business appears stagnant. Combine this with flexible payment options and your business is ready to grow beyond even your own imagination.

Flexible payment options provide peace of mind to business owners to ensure payments will never exceed income because you are in control of your own financial solutions. Because you choose how much money you use at any given time, you make a choice to pay back an affordable amount each and every payment cycle. This allows full freedom to expand on your budget, not your lender’s.

ARF Financial Can Help

For over fifteen years, ARF Financial has been the go-to firm for financing when traditional bank loans are not an option or not appropriate. As the leader in restaurant financing, ARF Financial understands the need for fast, reliable loans to help a business grow and compete with its competition. ARF Financial offers loans as well as lines of credit to allow for a business to establish revolving credit it can use in any and all situations.

Loans can be offered in various capacities. The ARF Financial Flex Pay Loan is the perfect loan to allow for growth without breaking the bank. These loans are approved at an agreed upon amount, and then a portion of the principal can be deferred until the borrower is ready to use it and make payments on it, allowing for higher loan amounts at lower fees. Should the deferral date become unmanageable, ARF Financial will offer additional help to make the payments work. These loans are a high reward at a low risk.

However, if your business is ready to expand and just needs a little push, ARF Financial offers the working capital loan. This loan is designed for businesses that are profitable, but just need a little help with a large purchase or expansion project. It is funded by a traditional bank but uses the ARF Financial system to allow for quick, reliable funding.

Some businesses require a loan to help bridge the gap between the application and receipt of a traditional bank loan. Perhaps a piece of equipment or a particular piece of real estate requires a down payment quickly. The Bridge Loan is the perfect answer to this problem. This loan allows for the down payment to be made without losing the option of the purchase.

Finally, ARF Financial offers lines of credit to businesses to allow for help with cash flow in any and all situations. Companies need a fallback, and the line of credit is that perfect option to provide money as needed when times get a little tight, as they often do in today’s economic climate.

One of the key factors in choosing to utilize ARF Financial is the need to maintain your own equity, as opposed to promising a portion of your business to a lender in exchange for an investment. Once this is attempted, you begin to lose your rights, as you must listen to your partners regarding your business, your invention, or your creativity. Using an ARF Financial loan product will help protect your rights as much as your bottom line.


The ARF Difference

Aside from offering the perfect products for most businesses, ARF provides services that are unsurpassed. To begin, any loan for under $725,000 requires absolutely no collateral. Therefore, your risk is minimal, compared to traditional banking and other lenders. Also, the process is fast and easy without a lot of paperwork. You are guaranteed to have the money you need within five business days of approval, and the approval process is easy, especially compared to ARF’s competitors.

Finally, you are guaranteed professional, quality service each and every time you come into contact with anyone from ARF. The lenders of ARF understand the personal nature of owning and operating a small business. Therefore, they treat you as though you were their business partner, as opposed to their client. This truly makes the process seem less intimidating as you sign on the dotted line.

Consult Before You Sign

Remember, you are an expert in your business. You understand your business better than anyone else. However, being an expert in your business still requires help. ARF Financial and its staff are experts in funding. Therefore, before you borrow any money from a lender, sit down with an expert and determine what product is right for your business at this point in time. A good consultation with a lending professional will help make sure that you are not biting off more than you can chew or shorting yourself financially.

To determine the best funding options for your business, contact the experts at ARF Financial at 1-866-702-4430 for your free consultation today.