5 Investments You Should Be Making Right Now

By | February 8, 2016

canstockphoto14605821Making a passive income sounds like a dream, but the truth is that it does take a lot of hard work. Everybody is planning for the future in some way or another. At the very least, everybody is thinking about the future – and that is a very good thing to be doing. The trouble is, it can be hard to know where to put your money to make the most of it in the long run. You hear so much conflicting advice that sometimes it’s difficult to know who to listen to and who to ignore. However, some pieces of information remain valid, such as these capital investments you should be making. These are unlikely to change anytime soon, so invest now and invest wisely.

Good Wine

It might sound funny, but this is one of the most lucrative long-term investments you can make in your life. The beauty of investing in wine is that you can be sure the value will increase. Provided that you purchase a few bottles of the good stuff, and keep them safe, they will mature – and so will their worth. Even holding onto an expensive bottle of wine for five years is enough to make it a nice little earner. This one is worth a try at least once!

Social Media

Social media is, as we all know, increasingly prevalent in our culture today. The good news is that this makes it an incredibly reliable investment. Investing in social media stocks is a tactic you are unlikely ever to regret, particularly as they only continue to grow in popularity. If at any point, it looks like their use is declining, then you can sell – and you will still have made a considerable profit.


With silver prices per ounce being what they are today, there has never been a better time to make this classic investment. Silver prices are up, and they are set to climb steadily for the foreseeable future, so this is prime time to get in there quick. At the moment, silver is seeing a better time of it than gold. If that isn’t reason enough to invest, I don’t know what is!

Real Estate

Another one you would find it hard to go wrong with is real estate. Much like social media or a good bottle of wine, the housing market is exponentially increasing. What this means for you is that the earlier you get in there, the better it will be for your bank balance in the long run. You know the old saying: the best time to invest in real estate was yesterday. The second best time is now!

P2P Lending

Peer-to-peer lending began in San Francisco in the mid-2000s, and it has grown strength to strength since then. The idea with peer-to-peer lending is to help those who have been denied loans by the major players. This is done by giving them loans with significantly reduced interest rates. This is one of those genius schemes where everyone is the winner – everyone except the banks, that is.