5 Features of Serviced Offices That Benefit Your Business

By | April 30, 2018

Serviced offices are a staple in the world economy. If doing business in Australia or abroad, then the likelihood is you have spent at least some time in a serviced office. While you can find serviced office companies in pretty much any part of the country, the more luxurious ones have some of the most sought-after addresses.

A serviced office provides professionals with a fully-furnished office, which include utilities and amenities that support the business i.e. administrative staff, internet, and cable. Check out some of the amenities you get with one of the more popular outfits by visiting http://www.servcorp.com.au/en/serviced-offices/.  Because of the flexible leasing plans, serviced offices end up benefiting you and your business.

Continue reading for more ways the serviced office can benefit your business and help you achieve your business goals.


Of the numerous benefits, the serviced office can benefit your office in terms of saving you money. With typical leases, you are required to commit to at least a year, and depending on the type of lease, you might still have to pay other costs related to the daily operations of the building (utilities, staffing, internet). In at least one year, you spend thousands of dollars in office maintenance. With the serviced office, you essentially pay much less than when entering into a conventional lease.

Those businesses needing a prime location reduce their monthly expenses drastically by allowing them to operate in a prestigious neighbourhood without the expensive price tag. Furthermore, the serviced office allows those who are unsure of whether they will remain in the area the chance to open their office for much less. Ultimately, the cost-savings to businesses is much higher than in traditional leasing contracts.

Flexible Contracts

Another great benefit of the serviced office is the flexible leasing plans. Again, most leases require lengthy contracts, and so this can lock your business into a plan that does not work for it long after the initial contract. With the serviced office, many of the leases are as short as a month omitting you having to disentangle yourself from a messy lease.

More importantly, these contracts allow for scalability. For example, let’s say you have just opened your office in one of the more upscale locations, but you are a small outfit so you do not require as much space. However, in a few years as business spikes, you find you have outgrown your space. Serviced office plans allow your business to grow comfortably and without the added expense, and more importantly, you can relocate on a shoestring budget.


Just in terms of space, the serviced office benefits today’s business in a few ways. First of all, businesses who see a lot of clients do not have to worry about whether their waiting rooms are uncomfortably crowded. Many of these offices have roomy lobbies where clients might find themselves seated on plush furniture surrounded by an aura of sophistication and affluence.

Specific industries benefit greatly from serviced offices in terms of space, as well. The tech industry, for instance, can maximise office space by converting from traditional desk format to tables, which also makes it easier to set up the internet. For the most part, serviced offices can help you organise your office in a way that is comfortable for you and your employees and meets the business’s needs.


Think about some of the more affluent central business districts, like Melbourne and Sydney CBDs. You can spend thousands going it alone in some of the more prime locations as the demand for office space is high, especially in the city, so rents are going to skyrocket. Again, when your business must be in a very affluent area but that factor conflicts with your budget, the serviced office benefits your business. Serviced offices offer your company a better solution in terms of location to traditional leasing contracts.


The all-inclusivity factor culminates in you only having to pay one bill at the end of the month. For those new to budgeting, the bill is consistent unless you ask for something that is not a part of the lease. Ultimately, at the end of the month, you do not have a stack of bills sitting on your desk. Instead, you pay one bill at the end of the month. In terms, of organisation, the serviced office makes it easier to track your operating costs.

5 Business-Worthy Benefits

The benefits of a serviced office to your business are numerous. However, the above are some of the more immediate ones that can help you establish and grow your business. Whether located in a trendy, hip part of town or a more established one, the serviced office is still one of the best values for your dollar.