canstockphoto0773001One of the most famed ways of generating a steady income in this day and age is through real estate. For many people, this means taking the property you own and live in, upgrading it to increase the value, then selling it off for big profit. But this isn’t an attractive or even a possible prospect for everyone. What a lot of people are doing instead are renting out the property they own to get a steady cash flow going that way.

You might be willing to wait a while before making a profit on the initial investment required to buy the house. Or you might be consider moving from your owned property to a rented one then renting your own property to start making profit right away. In any case, if you want to get an income going from a property, then you need to follow these tips.


Know what it takes to be a landlord

As you’ve probably realised by now, such a process is going to make you a landlord. This means you need to do a lot of research on what it means to be a landlord in your country or state. What are the tax implications for you? What are your legal rights if the tenant damages the property or stops paying rent? How will you deal with managing the property – for example, cleaning it out between tenants? Find out what you’re going to face before you go down this path.

What kind of residential property do you want to own?

The first type of property people usually think about when it comes to home owning is a full-blown house. But depending on on the are, it might be more prudent to look into other options. After all, more and more people warming to the idea of staying in apartments instead of a house. People often prefer to have just one floor to tend to. It’s also a lot cheaper, usually!

While this may sound like less of an income for you, it might not work out that way. You’ll probably find it easier to find tenants for an apartment than for a house, especially if you’re in the city. Consider looking at apartments for sale and not just houses.

Consider the expenses – and whether they’re worth paying for

A lot of landlords outsource much of the work to other companies. For example, a property management company who will take over communication with the tenant. They can also deal with the repair needs of the building. This is, of course, an added expense that will cut into your income slightly. So it’s important to consider that option carefully. Don’t assume you need to outsource work just because a lot of other landlords do it!

That being said, you need to balance your desire for maximum income and your desire for more time and less stress. Hiring help to deal with such property tasks will cost you, but it will also take much of the burden of landlordship from your shoulders. And if this income plan is meant to be supplementing your retirement, then you may want to take on as little work as possible!

canstockphoto17677076There will come a point in most people’s lives where they get into trouble with money. Maybe you made some bad decisions during the last twelve months, and now you can’t make ends meet? When that happens, you need to act fast to ensure the financial issues don’t affect your life. Sometimes you just need to create new income streams to resolve the matter. So, I wanted to spend some time talking about affiliate marketing. It’s a concept used by thousands of online entrepreneurs to earn extra money. However, you need to go about things in the right way if you want to succeed. With that in mind, let’s get down to business.

  • Tips for starting an affiliate website

If you want to earn some cash from affiliate marketing, you’re going to need a website. Not only that, but you’ll also have to attract a lot of traffic. It’s vital the links you place on your pages are relevant. So, it might make sense to select an affiliate partner first. You can then design your domain accordingly and include the right information. As you might expect, people who link to irrelevant products on their sites will never achieve positive results. If you’re linking to items like bicycles, you need to make sure the content appeals to the same audience.

  • Tips for driving traffic to your site

As I explained a moment ago, you will require high traffic volumes if you want to earn a lot of money. So, you need to create strategies that help you to reach the right people. That could mean launching social media pages or buying mailing lists. You can also achieve a reasonable level of organic views if you work on SEO. That is the process of making sure your domain appears within the appropriate listings when people search Google. Of course, alternative ideas like competitions and offers will also work well. With that in mind, you should spend some time working out the best approach. Try to reduce your expenses as much as possible and make use of technology.

  • Tips for increasing affiliate earnings

There are many potential options to consider when increasing your affiliate earnings. Sometimes you just have to move the links around or redesign your pages. Split testing comes in handy during that process. So, it’s sensible to learn as much as possible about how to do that. You just have to run two separate versions of your website at the same time. Half of your visitors see the original design, and the others encounter the improvements. You can then check your analytics to see how the changes altered your conversions. When you find something that works, you should stick with it.

To answer the question posed in the title of this post, yes, affiliate marketing could solve your money worries. You just need to make sure you don’t rush into anything, and that you always consider a range of options. Don’t opt for the first deal you find online, and try to negotiate with the companies concerned. That isn’t always easy when you opt for big names like Amazon. However, it’s often possible when dealing with smaller brands.

canstockphoto15965892-2If you are into investment business, then you must have come across the term spread betting. In ETX capital, spread bet is about taking the position based on the price of the product to rise and fall. The profit and loss are entirely based on the market move, you go through during betting.

Let us first check what actually is spread betting:

This betting process is tax efficient in the way of speculating on the movement of price of global financial products, including currency pairs, commodities and other investment process. In other words, it is a form of financial derivatives where you don’t buy or sell the asset but place the bet based on the price of the product.

What is Stake?

The investor needs to understand the exact meaning of the stake. Under spread betting, the trader buys or sells the amount per point of product movement under trading. Also known as “stake size” the every point of instrument moves, the trader will gain multiples.

What is Spread?

In simpler words, the difference between buy and sell price, is referred as Spread. You need to check the right ETX capital company that offers competitive spreads. One of the type of spread is, Tight Spread where the trader pay is less and part of cost of the trading is lower.

Margin or Leverage?

In one angle, spread betting is the financial leveraged product. Here you need to deposit small percentage of full value of spread bet. In leveraged trading, the trader can magnify the returns along with losses.

Benefits of Spread Betting through ETX Capital:

Prime Leverage Rates

Tight Spreads

Different platforms offered

Traders who spread bet get enough benefit by doing the process:

If the price of the product falls, you can sell the same

All profits are tax-free

No separate commission to pay

No payment for stamp-duty

Trader can trade in global market

Why to spread bet with ETX Capital?

One can choose through spread betting including- Indices, Currencies and Commodities

Different trading platforms- ETX TradePro, ETX MT4 and ETX Binary

High quality customer service is offered to solve difficulties on trading for product

Things you must consider:

Before trading or spread betting through ETX Capital, you need to read some reviews which are necessary for better result. You can check out online sites or official ETX site to understand trading. Consulting with expert trader will also help you to understand the capital market. A good knowledge about the spread betting will certainly help in getting the best result.

canstockphoto30066555I had an unusual chat with a fellow blogger the other day who happens to be a huge advocate of investing for the future. He spends his time signing up to the latest ISA’s, using his tax free allowances to their hilt and surfing trading and spread betting review sites like for another company to jump aboard and invest further with. However here came the stumbling block, even as a hobby and taking just an hour or so a day, that is active income rather than passive income.
Now don’t get me wrong, spread betting and alike are great ways to make money but in order to make money, I have to actually research the trade I’m making to ensure that it isn’t going to go south on me. When I voiced this point to him, comparatively he argued that Blogging and Affiliate Marketing was in fact Active Income generation too as it required constant updating of content, design and more – yet the loop hole for me here is that Bloggers are already doing those things and just happen to be profiting off the back of it, not actively breaking their routine to earn the extra cash – and frankly I’ve already listed these down as passive options and I’m not about to change them now.
But taking all things seriously, was I being too blasé about my categorisation of active and passive. I am a huge believer in cash being generated passively at the side of a real job or income stream, but technically a hobbyist Spread Bettor or Trader could meet this criteria. If they worked a full-time job and happened to dabble on the markets purely for their hobby, subsequently making another channel of money, this does meet the passive income requirements; especially if the investment is a long-term one and requires little to no interaction to receive dividends from it or payouts. In fact there is even an article written up by CNBC which refer to most fund investments as passive since the portfolio is so rarely changed.
So there you have it, while I am still going to choose affiliate marketing income and royalties/earnings from the sale of businesses/properties and assets over the idea of trading on the markets are being the epitome of passive income, I do understand that it should really be included in the spectrum as it can do just that. It would be good to hear some of your opinions on whether you believe it is a passive or active income source – so let us know in our comments fields or on our social media accounts and we’ll try to include some of your responses in our revisions at a later date.

canstockphoto1870693Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. So if you are the owner of an enterprise, it is up to you to ensure your cash flash is optimized for the business to thrive.

So what is cash flow? Cash flow refers to monies flowing in and out of your business. There are various ways you can increase flow. You can boost your sales of goods and services, sell one of your assets, increase your prices, reduce costs, receive payments quicker, take more time paying debts, take out a loan or increase your business equity.

The whole aim of optimizing your cash flow is to ensure that your business not only remains profitable, but also that you receive a much better return for your investment. However, it can be uncomfortably easy to run into cash flow problems. Put simply, this means a business spending more than it is earning, and no company can continue in that unfortunate situation for very long. Companies can even be in profit but still suffer cash flow problems. This can be because of the time lag between a particular product being shipped out and payment being made by the customer or client. Obviously if this situation continues, the companies affected will eventually be running at a loss. So how can you, as a business owner looking for a handsome return on your investment, avoid such an unfortunate scenario?

One way to ensure a positive cash flow and ensure profitability is to optimize your billing procedures. This can be achieved through a series of simple steps. The first is to make your customers aware of your billing terms. Not only will this let them know when you expect to be paid, but it will also help establish good customer relations.

It is important that you get to know your clients, whether or not they are likely to be good payers. Once that is established, work out how you will bill the clients and the length of time you will give them before payment is made.

You should also develop a billing schedule. By setting a date for sending out invoices each month, this means there is less chance of you accidentally overlooking one. By the same token, your customers will know when they can expect to be billed. It is also important that all your invoices have all products and services listed and the amount charged clearly outlined.

It is also a good idea to send out a reminder to the client a week ahead of the deadline. This could make all the difference between you being paid on time or the client holding back on payment and potentially harming your cash flow. You should also keep a record of all invoices sent, as the paper trail will help you when pursuing late payments.

Obviously improving your billing system is not only way of optimizing your cash flow for a more efficient business, but it is an important one. There is a golden rule for CEO’s – “Plan for the planned” and it is a rule that you should apply to your own business. One of the unplanned events can be a downturn in your cash flow. That is why it should be optimized without delay if you are to receive the best possible return for your investment.