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Why Blogging is a Respectable Business

I have a dream to make a decent income off of blogging. There, I said it. When I tell people this in person, most look at me in a strange way, thinking that I have lost my way. Some think that I just want to be lazy. Others are just curious how one might go about making money from a blog. One of the most common reactions is one that looks down upon blogging. While my friends are excited to see the success that I have already made, most don’t understand why I can see blogging as a serious and respectable business model.Continue Reading

Summer Production Challenge

As many of my faithful readers know, I love me a good challenge. PB at Economically humble sent me an invite to his 9 week summer challenge. Since he participated in my beginning blogger challenge, I assume he knows I have a hard time turning down a challenge. He must have known I would notContinue Reading

Pros and Cons for Full-Time Blogging

As time continues, and I keep working on building up my online portfolio of blogs, I can’t help but wonder if it is all worth it. Blogging full-time sounds great on so many levels, but is it all it’s cracked up to be? My wife and I recently went on vacation for a week to celebrate our 3rd anniversary and I had to work hard before and after to make sure everything was in order for our time away. It definitely got me thinking.Continue Reading

Working to become an Elite Blogger – Making Improvments

Want to know what I have been up to behind the scenes of my blogs? It has been a while since I have given an update on all of the things that I have been up to. Many of you are curious everything that I am working on and for various reasons, I have chosen to keep some things a secret. This post is an attempt at a compromise – where I share my change in strategy as I blog to make some money. Instead of distracting from the primary purpose of 20’s Finances, I choose to update you all about the behind-the-scenes stuff on this blog. This also works well because I recently made changes to this site as well.Continue Reading

Why Quality is Important

Have you heard the phrase that quality is much more important than quantity? While I have had my doubts over the past 10 months, I have come full-circle to realize the truth of this statement. This is true not only in most areas of life, but particularly in blogging. I haven’t always focused on quality as much as I should have, but I have learned my lesson now.Continue Reading

How Blogging Has Changed My Life

Have you ever had a hobby that has changed your life? Maybe you’ve found true happiness or enjoyment in your time, but I would venture to guess that it’s not everyday that a hobby can completely alter your life. Despite some recent challenges, blogging has slowly change my life in more ways than none. Today, I thought I would take some time to reflect on what has happened in the past nine months and how I see it going forward.Continue Reading

Reasons for Blogging – Why do you follow your dreams?

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why it is that you blog? If you follow my blog, you are well aware of the challenges that I faced with advertisers. Between that and other events in the blogosphere, I was forced to ask myself whether I would keep blogging if the sources of income were to evaporate. In other words, I asked myself why I was blogging.Continue Reading

What New Bloggers Need to Know – Beginner Blogger Challenge Results

Today I have the pleasure of highlighting the results from the Beginner Blogger Challenge. There was a lot of great input from lots of experienced bloggers. I am happy to showcase just some of advice for new bloggers below. But, before I get to the good stuff, I felt it appropriate to give you some highlights – or things I learned from this Challenge.Continue Reading

Why I Prefer Bluehost as My Web Host

As I have started to build up a portfolio of online websites, I have become more familiar with Bluehost, my current web host for most of my sites. When I first started blogging, I chose Bluehost because of its reputation. I knew that many bloggers preferred Bluehost because of it’s reliability. While I can say I did my research, I was really taking a shot in the dark. After all, you never really know something until you have experienced it first hand. I was pleasantly surprised and want to l want to let you know why you should consider Bluehost too.Continue Reading

Why Bigger is Not Always Better for Blogging

As I have been trying to narrow in on my specific strategy to making a living from my online efforts, I keep coming up with this notion that bigger is not always better. On Monday, I mentioned that I keep building and buying more blogs. It was an addict’s first confession. I have bought into the belief that if I start a lot of projects now and continue to build them up over time, eventually my online income will take off like never before – and that’s saying a lot considering my most recent income report. Yet, even as I build up my online portfolio of blogs or empire (as many call it), I have a strong conviction that many are over-doing it. Here’s what I mean…Continue Reading