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How To Deal With Competition In The Workplace

Unless you’re talking sports, the word competition often has a negative ring to it, especially in the context of a workplace. It brings to mind catty co-workers, backstabbing colleagues, bosses holding you down and subordinates clawing their way up. The most stressful and stomach ulcer-inducing scenario is likely to be when you find yourself in… Read More »

Are You Meant to be Self-Employed?

You’re probably one of many who’s thought of quitting that job and shoving it. The manager’s driving you nuts. Your colleagues have no idea what they’re doing. You’ve had enough of being overlooked or the lack of innovation in your position or the field has hit its ceiling. Maybe you’d be better off running your… Read More »

A Line of Credit with Flex Pay Services Can Save Your Business

A valid line of credit can be the difference between life or death for your business. Business owners know that having fluidity when it comes to equity means being able to grow even when your business appears stagnant. Combine this with flexible payment options and your business is ready to grow beyond even your own… Read More »

Just Relax! Let Your Business Run Itself

No matter what other ideas we have, there is one goal we all start with when we open a business. We want to make enough money so that we can retire comfortably without ever having to worry about the future. Instead, we can forget about the problems of pension funds, finances and investments. We know… Read More »

Spend On All the Right Things with a Virtual Office

To be a success in the business world, you need to learn how to master a very complex formula. It is made up of an endlessly shifting series of checks and balances. It can change dramatically from one month to the next and there’s never any guarantee that what worked once will work again. In… Read More »

Four Useful Sources For Boosting Your Passive Income

Want to make more money without giving up so much time? Want to build up your bank balance and retire early? Want extra money to spend as you please each week? It’s all about building up more passive income. While your primary source of income will be your job, there are many ways to make… Read More »