Money – like your socio-cultural and personal beliefs- is basically a “mindset”. Mindsets change over time. So does the way in which you manage your personal finance. In fact, changes in your life goals necessitate changes in your financial goals as well. The way you plan your finances changes with changes in the way you start seeing life. These changes may be “forced” or voluntary. Life may either choose to throw curve balls at you or else roses. Today, you may be staring at an uncertain financial future because of your impending divorce – or else – at a fortunate turn of events where you are in a position to even contribute to charities (that you had always wanted to do but couldn’t – quite simply because you had no opportunity to do the same).

Today, in the course of the post, we’ll discuss a few tips with the help of which you should bring about changes in financial planning when your life goals or situations change. Read on to unravel.

You want to dedicate yourself to full-time volunteering activity

There is no dearth of inspiration around. The kind of financial fortune you have always had – actually let you make significant contributions to the society. While all this while you were happy contributing to non-profit organizations while enjoying your abundance, you have now decided to dedicate yourself to full-fledged volunteering activities. It could have been that trip to a village inhabited by impoverished families that heralded the change in you. The premium luxury retirement village that you had invested in – may not really be in your scheme of things anymore—quite simply because you think that such opulence is mere selfishness, when there are so many people struggling to meet ends.

That brings us to the fact that retirement (or rather financial) planning is not only for the ones living from paycheck to paycheck but also for the ones who actually enjoy excesses. Your finances will definitely be impacted by your decision.

You will need to figure out the kind of money which will be required to fulfill your “social” goals—are your retirement savings enough or is there a post-retirement part-time job on the cards?

The retirement villa you had invested in – is now useless. You cannot let it lie unused. Figure out whether you would want to rent it out or sell it off.

Since you have understood the simple joys of life you will no longer be spending on expensive bags, clothes, shoes, and jewelry. This will obviously lead to lower expenses. Lower expenses mean that the amount of money that you will be drawing from your saving is lower as well. The expectation of your return from the corpus will be lower as well.

You’re getting a divorce

That calls for long-term financial changes as well. All this time, your finances were understandably tied to that of your partner’s. You might as well have been completely dependent on your partner as far as keeping a track of finances was concerned. The key is to start tracking. As you sense that a divorce is inevitable, do make sure that you are slowly taking hold of your own finances and preparing a future budget well ahead. Revisit the ways you have been handling finances all this while.

Which needs were exclusively met by you? Do you think that you’ll be seriously cash-strapped once you’re single? Have you already started looking for an apartment for rent? Is that within your budget? Would you have to reach out for quick cash assistance in the form of Lendgreen quick loans online to fund your needs? Invest time in tracking down possible expenses post divorce and weighing your ability to meet them. Do bring in joint investments as well. Bring all this before reality hits you—i.e. before you’re actually divorced.

You’re changing your career route

You might as well be on the verge of leaving your job to materialize your entrepreneurial dreams. Do not forget that business capital is not only meant to sponsor initial business needs like hiring, setting up inventory and zeroing in on online or offline store addresses but also it acts as a cushion when it comes to handling cashflow crunch. What was your salary? Can you expect a similar turnout in the first few months? If not, are you ready to embrace the lifestyle changes required to compensate for the gap?

Are you interested in pursuing a new and exciting career? If the thought of staying in your dead end job is too much to bear, there really is a way out. You’ll have to put in the time and effort to study for your Nevada real estate degree. But this is no biggie if you can stick to it and work hard to earn your license. The only thing that may be a problem is finding the time to attend school. You may have a full time job as well as a spouse and children to take care of. But a solution is available.

You Don’t Have to Make the Extra Effort to Get Your License

Working for a living and caring for kids is a tall order sometimes. If you already work a full time job and have family to take care of in your home, you probably don’t want the extra hassle of having to drive to school to attend classes. Luckily, there is a great new way for you to get your real estate license in Nevada without having to go through all of this extra hassle. Going to school is no longer a chore.

Have You Ever Thought About Taking Classes on the Web?

Were you aware that you can get all of your credits via the internet? These classes run just like a regular college course. You listen to the professor, do the prescribed course work, and take the tests. The credits you earn for attending the class count just as much as any that you may have earned in the regular manner. Best of all, you never have to leave the comfort and security of your living room. Your family and kids will continue to be under your supervision as you earn your real estate license.

Attending Classes on the Web Opens Up a New World of Opportunity

Thanks to the web, you can learn more about getting your real estate license in a whole new way. The very best thing about attending classes on the web is the opportunity that doing so will open up for you. The sooner you attend these classes, the sooner you can earn your real estate degree in Nevada. Get in touch with an online university in your area to learn more about this amazing new opportunity.

Serviced offices are a staple in the world economy. If doing business in Australia or abroad, then the likelihood is you have spent at least some time in a serviced office. While you can find serviced office companies in pretty much any part of the country, the more luxurious ones have some of the most sought-after addresses.

A serviced office provides professionals with a fully-furnished office, which include utilities and amenities that support the business i.e. administrative staff, internet, and cable. Check out some of the amenities you get with one of the more popular outfits by visiting  Because of the flexible leasing plans, serviced offices end up benefiting you and your business.

Continue reading for more ways the serviced office can benefit your business and help you achieve your business goals.


Of the numerous benefits, the serviced office can benefit your office in terms of saving you money. With typical leases, you are required to commit to at least a year, and depending on the type of lease, you might still have to pay other costs related to the daily operations of the building (utilities, staffing, internet). In at least one year, you spend thousands of dollars in office maintenance. With the serviced office, you essentially pay much less than when entering into a conventional lease.

Those businesses needing a prime location reduce their monthly expenses drastically by allowing them to operate in a prestigious neighbourhood without the expensive price tag. Furthermore, the serviced office allows those who are unsure of whether they will remain in the area the chance to open their office for much less. Ultimately, the cost-savings to businesses is much higher than in traditional leasing contracts.

Flexible Contracts

Another great benefit of the serviced office is the flexible leasing plans. Again, most leases require lengthy contracts, and so this can lock your business into a plan that does not work for it long after the initial contract. With the serviced office, many of the leases are as short as a month omitting you having to disentangle yourself from a messy lease.

More importantly, these contracts allow for scalability. For example, let’s say you have just opened your office in one of the more upscale locations, but you are a small outfit so you do not require as much space. However, in a few years as business spikes, you find you have outgrown your space. Serviced office plans allow your business to grow comfortably and without the added expense, and more importantly, you can relocate on a shoestring budget.


Just in terms of space, the serviced office benefits today’s business in a few ways. First of all, businesses who see a lot of clients do not have to worry about whether their waiting rooms are uncomfortably crowded. Many of these offices have roomy lobbies where clients might find themselves seated on plush furniture surrounded by an aura of sophistication and affluence.

Specific industries benefit greatly from serviced offices in terms of space, as well. The tech industry, for instance, can maximise office space by converting from traditional desk format to tables, which also makes it easier to set up the internet. For the most part, serviced offices can help you organise your office in a way that is comfortable for you and your employees and meets the business’s needs.


Think about some of the more affluent central business districts, like Melbourne and Sydney CBDs. You can spend thousands going it alone in some of the more prime locations as the demand for office space is high, especially in the city, so rents are going to skyrocket. Again, when your business must be in a very affluent area but that factor conflicts with your budget, the serviced office benefits your business. Serviced offices offer your company a better solution in terms of location to traditional leasing contracts.


The all-inclusivity factor culminates in you only having to pay one bill at the end of the month. For those new to budgeting, the bill is consistent unless you ask for something that is not a part of the lease. Ultimately, at the end of the month, you do not have a stack of bills sitting on your desk. Instead, you pay one bill at the end of the month. In terms, of organisation, the serviced office makes it easier to track your operating costs.

5 Business-Worthy Benefits

The benefits of a serviced office to your business are numerous. However, the above are some of the more immediate ones that can help you establish and grow your business. Whether located in a trendy, hip part of town or a more established one, the serviced office is still one of the best values for your dollar.

Are you interested in owning your own business? If so, one of the first decisions you will need to make will concern how to properly promote your new enterprise. If your business will be primarily based on the world wide web, you will need to learn how to get your business the proper level of exposure that it requires to succeed. This means getting yourself out on the web and using every possible avenue to promote yourself.

Business Owners Are Hip to Connecting with the Online Public

Business owners, such as Chris Pivik among many others, have gotten hip to the potential that using the web has for their enterprises. In a single day, a post of yours anywhere on the web could reach an audience of thousands, if not millions, of readers. This means more useful publicity for your business than any local newspaper, TV, or radio ad could ever give you. This is why you need to be on the world wide web.

Imagine being able to reach an exponentially higher number of people in a vastly shorter amount of time than any old fashioned advertising method could ever do for you. On top of this, imagine doing all of this for a price that comes out to mere pennies on the dollar compared to what any of the old methods would have cost you. When you add it all up, getting your business on the web makes a lot of sense.

Using the Web as Your Access Point Gives You Many Advantages

Once you get on the web, you’ll be hooked up with an audience of millions of people. Your official business website is not the only portal of access that you have to the public. You can write guest posts for any number of blogs, as well as maintaining one or more blogs of your own. And, of course, you will also have pages on all of the most popular and influential social media network sites.

When you add up all of the exposure that using these avenues on the web can give you, you will be guaranteed to like what you see. There are an increasing number of media savvy entrepreneurs, such as businessman Chris Pivik, who are using the web to establish a number of different facets of their career. By focusing on each facet via a different channel on the web, they increase their total exposure and influence.

If You Want to Reach the Masses, You Need to Be on the Web

Finding customers for all of your various business enterprises is easier now than it has ever been. At the end of the day, if you want to be where your audience is, you need to be on the world wide web. This is the goal that you should be shooting for if you want to exercise serious influence in the modern market place.

The sooner you get your business on the web, the sooner you can begin to grow it. Meanwhile, you can also use the web to establish your own persona and agenda. It’s time for you to take advantage of this amazing avenue for personal and professional promotion. The web is the place where it can happen.


Retirement is an inevitable phase that everyone has to go through in life. Unless you are a millionaire, retirement is probably a struggle for most. Having a quality life even after retiring is possible with a proper retirement plan. But the real question is whether you will have the adequate funds to sustain the kind of retirement lifestyle envisioned. Remember, the primary source of income will most likely come from 3 general sources for most retirees: government pensions, employment-related sources or personal savings.

Retired doesn’t mean incapable and retirees have all the right to earn something to support themselves even during the golden days. If you are retired or about to retire, you are probably asking yourself if there’s something that you can do that is not too difficult, stressful or time-consuming to provide the income you need. Forex might be the right fit. Even if Forex may be a tedious task due to the increasing volatility of the market, it is still one of the smartest choices for people seeking for post-retirement investment strategies.

What is Forex?

Forex also known as FX or the foreign exchange, is a financial market in the world where international currencies are traded. Being the largest market in the financial world, almost $5 trillion are traded on a daily basis. The Forex market is open to all those having an interest in trading but is most popular among banks, large multinationals and private investors. Currencies are exchanged on a day to day basis, which is why the Forex market is the largest and most liquid market in the world.

Why trade Forex?


  1. Accessibility:
    The Forex market is open to all who have an interest in trading and on top of that, it is accessible 24/5, which means that someone can trade at any desired time.
  2. Low trading cost:
    Some think getting started as a currency trader costs a ton of money. The truth is that trading online does not require too much money and Forex brokers offer different account types. At Trader.Online for example, only an amount of $250 is required to start trading.
  3. Liquidity:
    Being highly liquid means that trading opportunities are always available. There’s no need to be on the hunt for the next best trading opportunity.
  4. No commissions:
    Most brokers do not charge any commission. Brokers are compensated for their services via spreads which is the difference between the buy and sell price.

Factors to consider before trading Forex after retirement

Even if Forex is a reliable way to make a few bucks after retirement, there are still a few factors that you need to consider before stepping into the Forex market:

  1. Free time:
    If there’s one point most retirees would agree on, it is having a lot of free time. Even if you are busy with something else, you can always keep an eye on the screen. So, it seems that regarding time, trading during retirement can work very well. Additionally, since the market can be traded 24/5, time is not an issue.
  2. Learning:
    Trading Forex has quite a short learning curve. Before trading one just needs to know the basics of Forex and the different terms associated. Once the basics mastered, a trader can start trading. Start learning about the basics of Forex today.
  3. Financial pressure & risk:
    This is an area where the exact circumstances of your retirement will matter. If you are well capitalised and can be relaxed about when profit arrives, you are in a stable trading situation and should be able to remain psychologically healthy which could stop you making any expensive or emotionally destructive mistakes.
  4. Emotional & physical health:
    You might not be at your peak physical health by the time you retire. Even though it is more than likely that you have all your wisdom and intelligence intact, you must be brutally honest with yourself and question how precisely you are going to be able to use the technology under pressure. After all, trading is very unforgiving in the sense that even small errors can be costly, and cannot be reversed.The good news is that there are some steps you can take in this area to minimise the risks:


  1. You can trade using a slower system, perhaps relying upon daily, four-hour or hourly charts, which should enable events to unfold at a much more relaxed and manageable pace.
  2. You might also have a companion or helper who could provide a second pair of eyes to cast a look at your operations in the market.
  3. Last but not least, it is worth asking your broker about built-in safety measures that might be available for your protection.

Trading strategies for seniors:

Based on the advantages and disadvantages mentioned, you now need to decide if you will go ahead with Forex as a source of income during your retirement or not. If yes is the answer, then you will also need to determine what kind of strategy to adopt.

A trend following strategy could be ideal as these are long-term strategies that don’t require a lot of physical effort or result in any emotional stress.

On the contrary, if you have the required time and you are ready to devote that time to trading, then you might be able to take advantage of shorter time frames.

Getting started:

Getting started is simple and easy. Join a broker that worth both your time and investment and start trading today.