The modern-day lifestyle can be overwhelming. The world is so fast-paced that we’re told everything is a priority. Your health is a priority, your work is a priority, your family is a priority, and so on. This might be why you’ve never found the time to prioritize your finances. As long as you earn a decent wage then you’re fine, right? Well, that depends on how fiscally responsible you are. You need to focus not only on making money but spending and saving it sensibly. It’s time to start making your finances a priority, and here’s how to do so.

Put your essential expenditures first.

If you want to prioritize your money in life then you need to start taking your finances seriously. Think about your essential expenditures before anything else. It’s easy to get too comfortable with a nice salary and forget just how much everything in life actually costs. That’s why you need to keep a monthly budget so that you can keep on top of everything. Track each of your expenditures, and work out how much money you actually need to spend on the essentials every month. Do you know how much you actually spend in an average month once you’ve added up the cost of rent, your energy bill, food, and even gas for the car? It’s time to start keeping track of these expenses so that you ensure you always put aside enough money for necessities before you think about non-essential purchases.

Of course, your excess income isn’t just pocket money. You might be tempted to splurge on luxury expenditures once you’ve got all the essential bills out of the way, but you also need to prioritize any outstanding payments or debts that you’ve been putting to one side. Put all of your excess cash towards paying off those debts or bills before you think about luxury expenses. You’ll still be able to buy a nice new TV a few months down the line, but the interest on your debt will keep increasing if you put luxury purchases first. It’ll cost you more money in the long run. To put it simply, it’s important that you keep track of your monthly expenditures so that you’re aware of your available income. If you know that you can afford luxuries after covering your necessary costs then that’s fine. Just make sure that you always check the budget first.

Think about your income.

If the problem lies with your source of income then you might want to seek new opportunities. The job market isn’t in the best shape right now, but there are other opportunities out there for determined and entrepreneurial individuals. You could work online in your free time and sell services on freelance sites such as Fiverr. There’s money to be made on the internet. Alternatively, you could improve your current career by returning to education and getting a better qualification. You could look into the best online college for military veterans if you were denied a full education because you served your country. There are educational opportunities for everyone if you know where to look, and getting a higher qualification could be a chance to earn a better wage in your future career.

Set aside 15% of your earnings.

We talked about the importance of looking your excess cash in this article. Assuming that you’re not dealing with debt or outstanding bills, you need to make it your goal to save 15% of your earnings every payday. Set up an automatic transfer so that the money goes into your savings account before you’re tempted to spend it. This is a smart way to guarantee that you not only have money for the future (e.g. retirement or your kid’s college fund) but that you have an emergency fund for a rainy day. If you do ever accumulate debt or some unexpected medical bill then you can turn to your savings. Additionally, you’ll have less money in your bank account if you set some of it aside on a regular basis. This will force you to be fiscally responsible, and that’s never a bad thing.

One of the best sources of passive income is undoubtedly investment. Whether you choose to invest in commodities, startup businesses as an Angel Investor, company stocks, or whatever obscure thing it is that you’ve found that works for you, investing can be extremely lucrative.

However, it doesn’t always seem like passive income. I mean, you have to regularly meet with financial advisers, scour the papers/websites checking on your stock options and doing the math to work out what represents a good investment. Well, not anymore! There are numerous apps and platforms that make investing easier than it has ever been. Here are some of them:


Seedrs is a crowdfunding platform for equity who’s mission statement is to make investing as easy as it can possibly be. It is intended to help startup owners find the funding they need and potential backers find people who they feel confident investing in.

As you will probably know, investing in startups can be very risky, but if you can afford it, it can be a great way of diversifying your portfolio and doing some good in the world, and since you can start for only $10, it’s a pretty good way of getting started, especially since you can do it all easily from your phone.


eToro is the first social trading platform to come on the market. It enables investors in everything from commodities to cryptocurrencies to not only invest with ease but to follow the investments of others, talk to each other and generally establish a social network of sorts. You can learn about social trading here if it sounds appealing to you and it’s a good way of learning the ropes if you’re new to it all. Give it a try if you want to invest, and you’re interested in modelling yourself on other successful investors.


Stash is an excellent app that is definitely for the ethical investors amongst you. Why? Because it makes it easy for you to invest in the kind of industries that you support. So., whether you’re into environmentally friendly companies or you’re a big fan of the arts, you can find investments that will make you feel good about your financial choices and help you to grow your money, so that you can retire early. It really is a win-win situation.


Robinhood is so named because it aims to throw a spanner in the works of more traditional stockbrokers by allowing individuals to make trades free of charge. Well, you do have to pay $6 per month if you want the Gold Service, that allows you to double the amount of trades you can do, but other than that there are no restrictions. Obviously, it isn’t a full-service platform, but it’s free, and if you’re new to the whole thing, it can be a boon, allowing you to learn the ropes for free.

If you use any of this tech to invest your cash, you can be sure that it’ll be a much easier process than you might imagine, which will make your path to passive income even easier.


Good jobs are hard to come by these days and if you want to make a living, you have to really make it happen for yourself. More than ever, people are finding that the internet isn’t just a great place to make money on the side with a certain project, sometimes you can make your only job based on the internet. There are a ton of skills that do better on the internet, but just about anyone can start learning a skill and making money from that skill on the internet in no time. If you have a lot of time on your hands, or you’re interested in making money on the side that may turn into something more, there are tons of options for you. Dedicated to making it a full time job? That’s definitely possible too. Here are great ways to make money online.

The first thing you need to know about making money online is that just like any other job, you need to be sure that you have a great skill. Obviously, when it comes to making money online there are some things that do better than others. You want to make sure that you know what the current market looks like, and how easy it is to do a certain entry-level positions. However, if you are someone who is interested in making working from home their full time existence, it may be a good idea to look into getting a degree in writing, marketing, business, or tech. These are generally what do best on the internet because they can be done without needing to be in person, but also require a high level of skill. That high level of skill signifies more money involved. However, there are definitely entry-level jobs that almost anyone can get online.

When it comes to making money online, there are definitely research companies and and surveys out there that pay an okay sum, but it’s usually nothing like getting an actual job. Entry-level jobs that you’ll find are across the board. Most required good typing skills, but for the most part, you can do anything from full-time customer service agent, to a blogger, or even a data entry specialist. There is a huge market online right now for tech help, and if you know enough about tech to have proven examples, you can usually find jobs in IT, website building, and coding. Not only are these jobs great for making your own money online, but it can also be a great learning opportunity for people in school and people who are dedicated to learning their craft and communication for business.

Even though it’s online, you should still concentrate on making yourself presentable. From how you word your introductions, to learning how to business speak, it’s important to always look your best. Even websites online that need photos, you should look your best professionally. Save big on makeup and more with this Clinique coupon, which can help you put your best face forward and start working online today and making money on your own!

You may have heard that in the Forex market, only 5% people can close their trades with profit. It may question in your mind that why so many people invest their money in Forex if the ratio of successful traders is so less in Forex. It is a very common question to have in your mind and you will not find the answers anywhere. You will find what you are looking for in this article when you read it. This article has the details answer to your question and you will discover many hidden things in the Forex market. When a lot of people are losing their money, and thinking they should close their trades in Forex, you should be happy to know that the rewards are great when you can win your trades. This is one of the reasons why traders invest in Forex when so many traders lose. Here are also many reasons that you will learn as you go through this article.

Financial freedom

In the past trading was limited to large banks and institutions. Nowadays you can easily use the IB broker leverage to trade with big lot size even though your small amount of money in your trading account. This is where most of the novice traders make mistake. You need to understand that the use of IB broker leverage is very difficult and sophisticated task. A simple mistake might even blow your entire trading account. For this very reason, the professional traders always suggest the novice trader trade with small lot size. As a beginner, you should learn the perfect art of money management so that you don’t have to lose a big sum of money in any certain trade.

Losing is inevitable in your trading career. No matter what you do, you can avoid the losing trades. The professional traders simply embrace their managed loss and trade the high-quality trading signals to make a profit. If you can learn the perfect way to trade this market then you can easily use the IB broker leverage like, and make decent money with a small investment. But you need to have a strategy to trade this market. Consider trading as your business and deal this market without any emotions to achieve financial freedom.

The rewards are greater than risks

When traders are trading in this market, they have to work first on developing their strategy. The strategy is very important for traders. You will find that traders who have developed their own strategy are more successful than the traders who do not have their own strategy. This strategy most of the time are developed to make great rewards when you have won a trade in Forex. This reward of Forex or the profit that you can make when you are talking risks is greater than your risks. This big reward is one thing that attracts the people from all markets to trade in Forex. You will hardly find any markets where the rewards are as great as in Forex. Also, the leverage increases your chances of making your profit even bigger. All of these additional rewards in Forex and traders trade the market.

No limit to your profit, no office, virtual profit spawning

If you have traded in stock exchanges, you will know how hard it is to trade there. There are no demo accounts, there is no benefit of opening an account with short money and also you cannot trade the market if you want from your home. Forex traders do not need to go to their office to place their trades. The trading platforms are available for your mobile and you can trade from your home. There is also n limit. If you can take the right risks, you can make a fortune in Forex. This benefit of virtual profit spawning by sitting at your home has made it one of the most attractive markets in the world to traders.

Controlling your destiny in this world is something the everyone strives for. There is no honor is toiling for a distant corporation or emotionally unavailable management structure that takes your daily presence for granted. The way to add value to this world is to be able to find a way to make your own way and create your wealth. That is why day trading can be the ultimate path for strivers.

For day traders, the tools are very important. Whether you are learning your trade through a reliable day trading education site or actually trading on a live platform, you always want to go for quality. Tradestation is used by high frequency traders all over the world. It is not quite as well known as the big names like Ameritrade and Etrade, but it has features and pricing that day traders are big fans of.

The technology that Tradestation was built on was designed and erected by traders. So it is no surprise that many day traders rate it as one of the top brokers. The commissions structures are friendly for high frequency traders as well. Beyond the commotions the hotkey builders and market access are highly prized. Many other well-know brokers restrict a lot of markets do not allow forex or future trading, for example. There is pretty much no asset class that Tradestation trades are blocked from accessing.

Commissions are based on your individual trading style. If you are focused on stocks, you can go with a per-trade flat rate or a per-share rate. That allows you to switch based on what kind of trade you are making. The entire commission structure favors traders who trade more than others. The rates go down the more you trade and the higher the amount of shares. And the platform fee is gone, so you are just subject to commissions on actions you take.

The platform itself is so customizable that it can be a real boon to experience traders with years in the business and lots of screen time. The charting capabilities are off the chart and it offers scanners that can scour global markets quickly and efficiently. The backlog of historical trading data is valuable too, as it allows traders to dip into history in order to make informed calls on potential strategies.

Traders with a computer science background can use the proprietary coding language to build strategies and back test them before implementing them in a real way. If you are successful and you build an app or strategy with real value, you can sell the strategy on the TradingApp store and supplement what you make on the open markets.

Because the tech that undergirds the whole operation is top-notch and the customer service is great, novice traders can make some headway on Tradestation. But it is probably not the best place to start. You are best suited to working your game on a less complex trading platform, before joining the big boys.