Working from home is a great way to make extra money without having to commit too much of your time or day. You can choose your own hours and pick where you work, meaning if you have limited mobility or no means of travel, you can still earn a fair amount of money. However, there are a number of things that cause people who work from home a lot of grief. These three barriers stop you being productive or successful, and could mean the end of your remote working career. However, there are simple and easy ways around them, as explored below.

No communication

Regardless of whether you’re working from home as a self-employed freelancer or employed for a company, you need to be able to communicate well. You still need to be part of team, even if it’s just you and your client. Even the most diligent, motivated people go wrong when there isn’t enough communication involved. So, make an effort to use a variety of apps to stay in touch. Programs like Skype mean you can make video calls and voice calls over the internet, giving you much better signal. Plus, you’ll be able to IM regularly, if you need to ask an urgent question. To enable good communication levels, you’ll need a reliable, strong internet connection. If you’re serious about succeeding in a working from home role, you might want to invest in the best Wi-Fi you can afford.

No IT support

Working in an office has many perks, including immediate IT support. If anything goes wrong, you can have someone over in an instant to sort it out. However, when you’re working from home and something goes wrong, you’ll probably have to sort it yourself. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a company that specializes in providing IT support for individuals. Then, whether you suffer anything from a hard drive failure to a poorly-performing device, you’ll be able to call upon them for help and support. Depending on how you pay tax, you should be able to claim this back as a business expense.

No working environment

While it’s great being able to work where and when you want, you do need some sort of order to your environment. Yes, working with your laptop on the sofa is fine occasionally, it will end up giving you a bad back, an aching neck, and strained vision. So, you need to create your own home office. Your laptop must be placed on a hard surface, unless you want to fry the battery and its innards, so you should source a desk or table first. Then, you need to find a chair that offers you the right kind of support. You’ll know where you suffer when sitting for long periods, so look around for an option that gives you the most protection. You’ll also need a laptop stand, as your laptop screen should be at eye level to prevent doing any damage to yourself. Everyone works differently, and some people thrive in a buzzy environment, but you should be careful that there aren’t too many distractions around.

A SIPP is a self invested personal pension, and differs in many ways from other pension schemes available. Offered by companies like Bestinvest, SIPPs have many benefits which make them attractive to those looking for a potentially more lucrative scheme, and are particularly effective for those on higher incomes. Here is some information to help you further understand the benefits of SIPPs.

More Investment Choice

One of the most important points to make about SIPPs is that they offer the ability to invest your money in a variety of different assets such as trusts, shares and property, amongst many others. You can therefore decide how much risk you wish to take and which assets will provide the best returns for your money.

If you decide to take charge of your own investments then you will have a low cost SIPP as you do not have the pay fees for investment advice, which you would if you have a full SIPP. A low cost SIPP, however, does require good research and willingness to manage investments.

Greater Potential Returns

Since you have a wider choice over where you put your money, you can see better returns over the long term if your asset portfolio appreciates. The rate this rises (or falls) by is dependent on how risky your investment is. Some markets are more volatile than others, and some are better suited to short term investments rather than long term.

It is wise to diversify your portfolio so that your investments are not dependent on the value of a single asset rising. This reduces overall risk and makes a healthy profit far more likely come retirement.

Tax Benefits

One of the reasons SIPPs are particularly effective for those on higher incomes is that, like all pensions, they offer greater tax relief the higher up the income tax ladder you are. Even those on the basic tax rate receive 20% back from the tax man when they invest.

This means that you take home far more money from investments than you would without such high tax relief. The ability to start withdrawing your money becomes available when you become 55, and you can choose exactly how to take an income from your pension.

SIPPs are a good option for those who want a bit more control over their investments. Whilst greater choice also means greater potential risk, the possibility of much larger returns and superior tax benefits make SIPPs stand out as an effective pension scheme.

Passive income is income you don’t have to work for day by day. It can come from stock dividends, blog income, affiliate sales, rental income or other forms. While passive income is something we would all ideally prepare to live off of in retirement, the reality of creating it during one’s traditional “working years” isn’t as well known and so is the source of many assumptions. Here are four common passive income myths.

Passive Income Requires No Effort

One common myth in passive investing is that you don’t have to do any work beyond signing up. The reality is that passive income requires work in some form, even if it is only checking on your investments to rebalance the portfolio or making certain your real estate management company is depositing the right amount into your account.

In the case of blogging and affiliate sales, there is effort, especially up front, to get it going and start the income coming in. You’ll then need to invest some effort to keep the site running, though you can automate much of it with content generation via paid freelancers and software that automatically posts the articles to your blog or social media accounts on a schedule you set. If you write a book, you have to upload it to Amazon and then invest time in marketing it when you can or when you want the sales to go up. In this regard, the passive income work is done in spurts instead of a day to day grind.

You Can Get Rich Quick

A commonly hyped myth in passive income is that you can get rich quick. The only person getting rich quick off of passive income is the person selling the kits that promise to tell you how to get rich quick off passive income. Buying rental real estate can give you a multi-million dollar net worth and thousands of dollars in net worth, but it takes months to find and close on properties, rehabilitate them, find tenants and generate that income stream. Creating a knowledge product like a blog, book or paid newsletter takes months to build a following and often years to generate a passive income stream large enough to live off of.

Day trading has the potential of high returns, but the majority lose money in day trading, while slow, steady investing in mutual funds is a reliable and safe way to build up an income stream but takes time. Buying options may let you make a quick turn around, but the losses most investors face curtail the long term income stream. Investing in startup businesses may let you earn solid passive income later, but you cannot get rich quick unless they succeed and sell out at a high price later.

It’s Guaranteed!

One common passive income myth is that there are systems and investments that are guaranteed. Nothing is guaranteed short of federal savings bonds, and those have a payout right now below the real inflation rate. Some investments are more certain than others, such as investment real estate almost always appreciating if fixed up and then maintained.

If I Invent It, They Will Come

A common misconception about passive income is that if you come up with an invention idea, you can sell it and make a fortune. The reality is that you have to find a company to buy the patent or rights to the idea, and that takes significant effort. If you develop the product yourself, you have to make your own logo, develop a business model and then hire affiliates to sell it for you. Once they are selling the product and hiring the next layer of salespeople, you can hand off day to day management to someone else. However, this is far more work than simply coming up with an idea and expecting passive income for years in return for a presentation on it.

Passive income always requires effort beyond signing up, reading a program and investing your money if you don’t want to be ripped off or see the income peter off, but it can be achieved if you go about it in the right way.

When you have retired and need to make money, either for need or for what you want to do while you’re spending time how you want, money is important for all individuals. It is worth the learning curve to spend time understand how and why you should be making extra money online because it’s a great way to make extra money, and can make all the difference in your happiness during retirement. This article can help you find out ways to get huge savings by working online.

When you get older, it gets more difficult to do physical labor, this is true for almost everyone. Though it’s definitely possible to do so, going online to make sure that you’re comfortable while working is a great way to work while in retirement. However, it does take some work to make sure that you’re doing work that is worth it and is good for you.

First, you’ll need to do research. Understanding what you’re going to be doing online and having certain skills is a must. Most online jobs also require certain requirements for your computer, and sometimes even a telephone line and a high-speed internet access. You may also find a job much easier if you’re a faster typer or if you have experience in writing, educating and other popular skills that will work for your online job. By doing this preliminary research you need to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to make sure that you are working for a trustworthy place it is very possible to find places that are not trustworthy so you must do everything you can to find something that will pay you and keep your information safe.  this kind of information is far harder to find out that you will definitely be able to do it if you do the research necessary.

The best thing about working online is to comfort involved in many jobs you will be able to do either customer service writing or other freelance positions.  these position to give you time to be flexible as well as giving you extra money for your retirement. Check out Ugg for huge savings on comfortable shoes to do while you’re doing your work.


In order to succeed at day trading you have to stay well informed and ahead of the game. You need to constantly be learning about new strategies and techniques to increase your earnings. Today we are going to talk about five popular trading strategies that you should know about.

Cup and Handle

This trading pattern strategy has a distinct “U” shape, aka the cup, followed by a slightly downward slide, aka the handle. The “cup” pattern usually ranges between 7 and 65 weeks and manifest at lower trading volumes. Once the “handle’s” trend downward runs its course, the price will usually breakout and above the previous resistance level.

Stop Limit Order

This is a combination of a stop order and a limit order. In order to successfully utilize this trading technique you must first determine two price points, the price to begin an action, the “stop” price”, and the target price, the “limit” price. This trading strategy provides the day trader more control over when an order is filled which helps diminish the drawbacks common with a stop order. You can get some great information about setting stop and limit prices from Warrior Trading’s on their StockTwits page.

Short Squeeze

A short squeeze is when a heavily shorted stock gets a lot of new buyers at one time. This usually happens because the company gets good news or some other triggering event. When this happens, the shorts have to cover their positions because they are getting squeezed out which results in even more buying. This can cause a stock’s price to rise very quickly. Since you do not want to get caught on the wrong side of a short squeeze, you can

place hard stops on your short positions.

Relative Volume

Relative Volume indicates how volumes compare to past trading volume. It will give an idea of how active a stock is compared to its history. The higher the relative volume the more traders are watching and trading the stock. Relative Volume is displayed as a ratio, so a 1.5 relative volume means that the stock is trading at 1.5 times its normal volume. The Relative Volume is a great metric to keep an eye on for stock topping or bottoming.

Flag & Pennant

This trading strategy is great for short and long traders. You will usually see the flag pattern when the market opens after a big push down or up. After the shares make a big push up or down you will see them drift up or down with lighter volume forming a rectangular, or “flag”, shape. This is a great pattern to trade and offers a lot of upside for the amount of risk.

If you have not tried these trading techniques and strategies before, look for them the next time you are trading and see if you can spot them. Learn more about these great techniques and others at Warrior Trading.